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Top Talent in the Champions Premier League – Part I

The Champions Premier League is one of the football competitions in the world where a lot of young talent plays.

Top Talent in the Champions Premier League – Part I

The Champions Premier League is one of the football competitions in the world where a lot of young talent plays. For better or for worse, the league is exceptionally competitive, but that only allows the best players to make it to the top. We take a look at the top players this season.

There are many footballers in this league who deserve a mention and we are certain that you will enjoy going through your own list of fans favorites and comparing it with what we’ve been able to collect for our own list. Well, in any case the footballer listed here are all very promising indeed. Let’s give you a basic rundown:

  • Tammy Abraham, Aston Villa
  • Harvey Barnes, West Bromwich
  • Emiliano Buendia, Norwich City
  • Neal Maupay, Brentford

Each of these talents is a distinct player in their own right and they are only at the beginning of their career, which will allow them to compete at the highest level of the event. If you are eager to get more information keep reading on! At the bottom of the article, we remind you about our exceptional live streaming facilities!

Tammy Abraham, Aston Villa, 21

Tammy Abraham is one of the high-profile youngsters in the Premier League. He was invited to play for the Wolves in January, but ultimately decided to stick with Aston Villa and hopefully help the team shape itself as a leader in the competition. Of course, to many observes, Abraham missed out on a fantastic opportunity, but the still young player is quite enthusiastic about what he does and how he wants to achieve recognition.

Understandably, switching teams is quite easy, but it’s not just the “easy way out” as some may suspect. It’s an opportunity to experience various game scenarios, learn from new opponents, and more. You get to see how different coaches do things, but Abraham is content where he is. His loyalty is commendable and he has scored 16 goals in 20 appearances. An impressive tally even for established footballers such as Ronaldo or Messi.

Harvey Barnes, West Bromwich Albion, 21

Harvey Barnes is another name in the competition who promises to make it big. With his impressive tally of 15 points in the League, Barnes is definitely a star to be on the lookout for. He’s the second-best player in terms of successful dribbles (45) and he’s surely one of the players that everyone is most certainly interested in this season. Despite all the interest, Barnes is doing what others do at his age – he’s sticking to his guns and trying to pull the team he plays in ahead with himself.

Emiliano Buendia, Norwich City, 22

Buendia isn’t the most expensive footballer by any means, but he’s one of the most accomplished youngsters. Signed for £1.5 million, the Argentinian brings a lot to the table. He at first struggled to adjust to English playstyle but has gradually managed to convert his brisk play into a more considerate and strategic movement around the field. His defence capabilities are admirable and he makes one of the most feared defenders in the league.

Neal Maupay, Brentford, 22

Maupay has much to be lauded for. He has been known as one of France’s up-and-coming attackers who know how to accelerate across the field, but are also prepared to dive right into the action and make sure that he fights for the ball one-on-one or whatever the scenario. He’s also reportedly wanted by Aston Villa.

He’s definitely a player to be reckoned with as he has managed to already notch up as many as 15 goals this season and he has 6 assists to his name. These are both impressive metrics that are very much worth taking note of. The player promises to be one of the best attackers of his home country, although to achieve this – he has to work on his temper, which has often taken the better of him.

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