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The Upcoming EPL Matches

Having a break is not so bad, but let’s face it.

The Upcoming EPL Matches

Having a break is not so bad, but let’s face it. We all want our football back and there is just no two ways about this. If we are eager to get the excitement under way, there are at least a few things we can most certainly do. Let’s look at the teams that will be playing this Sunday and ponder their chances of success.

EPL Is Back You All!

The EPL is truly back. This Saturday, we will see a number of teams come back and contest for one of the most significant titles in the history of football, in the very least in England. As one of the most watched events worldwide, the EPL has definitely a lot to offer.

You can rest assured that at Big World Sports we also help you follow the events live by providing you the meaningful coverage you have always wanted. Let’s then have a quick look at the teams that are slated to play:

Tottenham- Liverpool

Manchester City – Fulham

Bournemouth – Leicester

Newcastle – Arsenal

Huddersfield – Crystal Palace

Chelsea – Cardiff

All of these matches will definitely excite particular interest amongst aficionados, so why don’t we start with the full analyses of the possible outcomes?

Tottenham and Liverpool

We have already spoken about this match in a separate article. To be quite honest, there is no stopping Tottenham from triumphing, but Liverpool have been proving themselves as one of the most contentious teams out there. With immaculate 6-0 track record, Liverpool cannot be overcome on a whim.

Meanwhile, Tottenham has turned itself into a promising football powerhouse, which goes a long way to show that even middling teams can be quite dangerous to everyone involved. If pressed, we will have to back Liverpool in terms of who the most likely winner will be. However, if you ask us who we prefer to win- we would say Tottenham!

Manchester City vs. Fulham

There are certainly less equally-matched games. However, Man City are still the better team many people think. Man City will have the upper hand in the match against Fulham, of course, as Fulham have been struggling and having woes of their own.

A failure for Man City in this match would mean that the Red Devils will have no chance at coming back to the top. It will be the point of no-return that Jose Mourinho doesn’t want to see his team getting bogged down into.

Bournemouth and Leicester

Here comes a pair of teams that are equally-matched. We will expect a balanced and contentious game. As two of the top ten teams, it’s easy to imagine why a victory for both would be important. It’s a pity that they get to play against each other when they can take on more serious opponent and make the league a bit more interesting, but it is how it is.

Newcastle – Arsenal

Arsenal better have learnt their lessons. They will have to play outstanding and prove themselves because the recent track record of the team is deplorable to put it mildly. Arsenal needs to start raking in points or it will put itself in a very unpalatable position, which may not be easy to amend. With this in mind, Arsenal will do well to streamline its game and put its best effort into the game.

Without further ado, we must jump straight to it and say it – normally, New Castle don’t stand much of a chance. Their standing has led them down to the bottom of the chart, which means that they can’t do much to improve their own luck.

But can they at least upset Arsenal’s hopes?

Chelsea and Cardiff

Chelsea is slated to have yet another field day. What’s to stop the well-oiled machinery of the blues? Cardiff are almost certainly slated to lose yet another game. With this in mind, we will probably sea Chelsea either outpace or be on equal footing with Liverpool. Only the future will show, of course.