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The Sunday EPL Update – Arsenal Loses, Man City Plays

Much has happened in the past few days, so we are here to quickly catch you up on the events that we think deserve further investigation.

The Sunday EPL Update – Arsenal Loses, Man City Plays

Much has happened in the past few days, so we are here to quickly catch you up on the events that we think deserve further investigation. First, we will discuss last night’s game between Arsenal and Chelsea and then we will focus on the next upcoming derby – that between the teams of Manchester City and Huddersfield.

Arsenal Giving Up the Gun on Chelsea

And so, the Saturday football action is in fact wrapped up. It didn’t reveal many surprises as we had suspected that Arsenal are most likely to concede a defeat to the Blues. However, the stats didn’t really reveal a victorious Chelsea, at least judging from the pre-season games.

And yet, Arsenal have been slipping. Their defenses during the match was one of the most commented issues. With Chelsea assault the goal almost continuously, Arsenal had a very difficult time fending off the attacks.

It seemed almost that Chelsea are quite prepared to score every attack and Arsenal had brilliant strokes of luck in many of the situations that weren’t realized by Chelsea. Yet, the goalie also kept his side making sure that the points that went in his door were the absolutely unavoidable ones. Given how much pressure Cech had to undergo, his game was superb.

And yet, is it really the fault of Arsenal who have been struggling under their new manager, Unai Emery. Even then, the team remains composed, albeit the mistakes keep proliferating. Mr. Emery himself has been rather calm delivering the bad news to the fans who have been growing disgruntled and less-than-pleased with what The Gunners have been demonstrating.

Mr. Emery is cognizant of the challenges but he’s not quite prepared to chalk it up to a particular flaw in the team’s strategy, even though the defenses were obviously an issue that will merit further investigation. Mr. Emery now has the nigh-impossible task to put Arsenal back on their feet and start scoring points.

Of course, Arsenal may end up playing against weaker teams, which may give them the much-needed confidence boost. If they manage to restore some of that missing confidence we may see a new Manchester.

Huddersfield and Manchester City

Huddersfield started on the wrong feet. They lost 3-0 to Chelsea which made them seem like an unexperienced team, and the routing has definitely been quite poignant, too. How would the team then find its feet if there are continuously matched up against some of the best teams in the EPL?

Be that as it may, Huddersfield will be forced to find a way to overcome the titans from Manchester City. And this is a tall order to deliver.

Manchester City managed to crush Arsenal in their opening match with 2-0, which definitely goes to show that City are not to be underestimated. In fact, how could anyone underestimate them?

With this in mind, Manchester City are definitely coming into this game without much reasons for concern. They know that in a few hours they will most likely rout Huddersfield and advance well ahead.

Handling the pressure will be nigh impossible. But as always, we remain rather upbeat and always root for the team that has fewer chances of winning. In this case, Huddersfield are really in a tight spot.

But despite the pressure they are facing, we will still give them our full support. It’s not a matter of whether they will meet our expectations. It has to do with supporting lowbie teams in the competition.

The EPL – What Next?

The EPL action will not conclude with just the game between Huddersfield and Manchester City today. We will also see Burnley face Watford. The morrow will be even more exciting as Manchester City are returning to the pitch to show us some stellar plays.

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