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The Red Devil’s Future in the English Premier League

The English Premier League entered its 2018/19 season with a bit of a bang! There have been the notorious underperformers and the pleasant surprises.

The Red Devil’s Future in the English Premier League

The English Premier League entered its 2018/19 season with a bit of a bang! There have been the notorious underperformers and the pleasant surprises. For the most part, though, results were pretty much what everybody had expected.

Manchester City and Chelsea had no trouble disposing of opponents on the spot and defeated Arsenal and Huddersfield respectively. Perhaps the biggest surprise here was the match of Man City vs. Arsenal.

Arsenal were not supposed to go down. Not so easily in the very least. But more about this later. Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United also managed a rather decent victory, taking three points each at their opening day and that was sufficient reason to get their spirits high and running.

The Red Devils’ Climb to Victory

Pogba made the Red Devils a lucky team early on against their match with Leicester City at Old Trafford. In case you didn’t know, the Red Devils have never lost a game on their home turf which made the meet-up even more ominous for Leicester who struggled, managed to pay back one of the points in the goalie of Manchester. But the Red Devils continued undefeated at their home stadium during an EPL match.

Ronaldo preparing to take a shot at the enemy's door.

                                                           Money dictate the rhythm of the game.

However, the Red Devils are nowhere near winning the league. If last season is any indication at all, the Reds will have to do much better. Remember when Liverpool were 25 points ahead of them? Well, how couldn’t you? That was just last season. And the pre-season for Manchester was really poor, all things considered.

Red Devils fans had really been pushy and stroppy if anything. Blood has been asked for to say the very least. Managers, trainers, the brass of the team have all been targeting by unruffled fans.

Meanwhile, West Ham managed to fight it off with Liverpool at Anfield, but fighting it off doesn’t mean the team won. Quite to the contrary in fact. They lost with 4-0, which was a severe drubbing. Liverpool definitely got their spirits high following the victory with West Hammers remaining completely flabbergasted as to the rout that had just taken place.

And so, Week I of the English Premier league has a complete disappointment for some while it has given reasons others to rejoice. West Ham will have to find their feet in the match against Bournemouth and then Crystal Palace will have to fend off the overconfident Liverpool. The week will definitely be a race of cat-and-mouse with the name of the victims already known.

Is the EPL Too Top Heavy?

A good question as any. While the bottom-end of the teams have been having a more difficult time adjusting to the demanding nature of the competition. Still, the titans and established leaders have also had their poor runs of late, which indicates that the league may not in fact be as top heavy as that.

Even more so, an important differentiation can be made between the lower-tier and mainstream teams. The lower-tier squads are usually faced with greater odds. Meanwhile, the established leaders ought to be performing much better, which they aren’t and that’s what’s worrying indeed.

If Manchester and Arsenal are faltering, then there’s little that they can do to improve in the short time they have.

An empty Old Strattford

                                                                The Red Devils defending the home turf.

Even though it’s not professional to say so, still the experience teams such as Manchester City and Arsenal have over their opponents make the league stilted and one-sided. The fact is that it may be time to freshen up what we see on the field.

The format may need some re-working, but nobody has had the courage to say so.

Money Rules the League and World

Remember Liverpool’s nearly $200 million in money the team spent on transfers? Do you think that this makes it easy for teams to compete against? Alas, football has grown particularly dependent on money. The challenge of facing various teams has been reduced to who’s got the biggest purse. It’s easy to support the big names, and there are certainly reasons to do so. Nobody could argue against the skill of individual players.

But my point is that there are teams that have much less in the way of resources to afford themselves to compete quite up there. And the big names are always too happy to bounce a point or two off.