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The Recap of the EPL Round 9

Round 9 of the English Premier League is nearly over and it’s time to quickly catch you up on what happened over the weekend.

The Recap of the EPL Round 9

Round 9 of the English Premier League is nearly over and it’s time to quickly catch you up on what happened over the weekend. We saw a lot of good games, though fewer surprises if anything. You will be quite pleased to find out about the results.

The EPL Results – What a Week in Round 9!

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Brighton vs Wolves

Brighton managed to secure a quick victory in their game against the Wolves. Nobody expected for Brighton to win, but the team managed that feat well. They scored once, but it was all that mattered by the end of the game

Southampton vs Newcastle

The pair did struggle a bit, but they couldn’t penetrate each other defenses, leaving fans both thankful for the 0-0 results, but also a tad disappointed for seeing no significant action transpire in the game. Well, for all it’s worth, Southampton at least didn’t let four points in its goal this time and this can be counted as a small victory.

Liverpool vs Cardiff – We Expected It

Cardiff seemed to have little chance from the beginning and Liverpool outplayed them quite determinedly, though Cardiff did want to outplay the opponents. It was visible, because they put quite a bit of effort and even secured a goal in the game, but that simply wasn’t enough.

Fulham – Bournemouth

After 4-2 against Southampton, Fulham have finally floundered. But losing 0-3 to Bournemouth was less than gracious. To make things even worse, one of Fulham’s own footballers was evicted from the game with a red card.

Watford vs Huddersfield

Huddersfield struggled and struggled and they saw themselves go down 3-0, which was one of the poorest performances to be seen to this date from the team. Still, they have been known to come back from the cusp of trouble before, so we hope that Huddersfield will manage to bounce back in Round 10.

Leicester vs West Ham

Leicester’s game was marred by news that the owner’s helicopter had crashed. All EPL clubs immediately stood with Leicester. Still, the game turned out to be 1-1 with West Hammers getting a red card, too. Leicester demonstrated excellent qualities and they were met by solid play from West Ham.

The matches on Saturday have proven quite the delight. Stay tuned for the updates, which will feature the results from four more teams. We will be back later today or on Monday to break you the results once again!