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The Footballers Who Play Video Games

Believe it or not, footballers love to spend time gaming.

The Footballers Who Play Video Games

Believe it or not, footballers love to spend time gaming. That’s not all that they do. They also play competitively and this is not surprising given that the entire world of football is now quite excited about competitive video gaming.

So, footballers can indulge freely and that’s no mistake. There are many excellent examples of footballers really loving the entire esports community. For instance, Dale Alli and Marco Reus from England and Germany respectively are already ambassadors for gaming brands in the world.

And so, the world of football is fascinated with esports. So, this is no surprise.

Brand Ambassadors to Video Games – You Serious?


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We will make sure that your while is well spent on our website where we will address multiple topics. But now that video gamers are really killing it going as “esports”, we want to talk about footballers who are really in on the industry.

Dale Alli and Marco Rues – They Love Their Gaming

Dale Alli and Marco Rues are definitely into gaming. They are both ambassadors for HyperX, which is one of the foremost brands to supply gamers with gaming gear and other important paraphernalia. There is definitely a very clear link between gaming and esports, and as it turns out – football.

With Ali and Rues openly supporting the segment it comes as a small surprise that the entire industry is indeed so massively popular. This allows for quite a few things as well, too which is just another thing to be happy about.

Is Football and Esports Really That Close Together?


More so than you suspect. According to a new study conducted by scientists in Germany, esports athletes are under a similar stress that mainstream athletes are undergoing during their own practices.

Well, there’s another important thing that esports are good for. We mean, of course, the simple fact that esports can be used to train tactics to football teams. This is the survey of the professors from the German university that has established the link between video gaming on a professional level and top esports athletes.

A Challenge for the Digital Era


Now, virtual simulators are really gaining traction and it’s understanding that more attention is falling on the segment. You needn’t worry about understanding it because it’s really all rather too easy at this point.

The simple fact is that is FIFA, the video game, which is the most common choice for video games amongst footballers is watched by 22 million concurrent unique viewers – this is quite the number.

To just get the idea, it suffices it to say that 100 million concurrent viewers watched the largest League of Legends competition in 2018 and this number is only slated to increase further down the road.

Is an Espots Career a Wise Choice?


Esports career as such can be indeed a rather dangerous undertaking. Footballers wouldn’t give up playing the beautiful game to pursue digital exploits However the crazy over esports is quite pronounced and there’s no denying the immense popularity of the segment, which will see the world fixating a firm gaze on this segment in 2018.

The career opportunities are most certainly going to grow and this is exciting on so many levels. You will definitely want to give it a fair go and see how far you can get it. But rest assured that you needn’t be a professional footballer or an esports fans to be able to enjoy this segment.

Esports offer a lot of opportunity for anyone interested and we definitely recommend you that you start pursuing this. Whether you love to come to our website to watch football or read up on our interesting analysis related to football, we welcome you and we remind you to do check out esports as well!