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The Final Eight are Upon Us

The final eight are on the cards.

The Final Eight are Upon Us

The final eight are on the cards. What football action transpired last night was stellar. We saw Sweden catch up to Switzerland in terms of wins and both teams now stand at 11, bu only Sweden will be transitioning to the next stage of the competition, with Switzelrand duly packing up their bags and going home. Meanwhile, England had a tough match against Colombia. It was not immediately clear who would win. England had been sturggling to perform well at a World Cup for a while now, even though the team is definitely not bad.

Anywho, Colombia managed to reach penalty shootouts, which dropped it out of the race, with England scoring a close victory by outpacing the Colombians by one point. With this in mind, we are now moving to the quarter-finals, which will have eight teams play.

The Final Eight Are Upon Us!

And so the final eight teams we will see battle it out for the big title are Russia, Belgium, Sweden, France, England, Uruguay, Croatia, and of course Brazil. All of these teams stand a decent chance of winning, albeit we will have to be blunt from the getgo.

Fortunate as their run has so far been, Russia will most likely not become a world champion this year. The team will end up playing against an opponent with way more experience and technique. Even then, I professed a simialr outcome of any game that Russia would paly n the single-elimination stage, and I was wrong.

I thought Spain would have the mettle to undo Russia’s defence and score, but what followed was a series of ill-considered an failed passes with Diego Costa doing little on the frontlines to lead his team to a marked victory.

Even then, we now have eight teams tat will have to battle it out. The clear favorites? I’d say Croatia, Brazil, Belgium, Sweden, Uruguay, and France all have very good chances to be playing a final in the days to come.

Of course, Russia and England shouldn’t be kicked out of the bracket just yet, but the teams will have to ovecome some very considerable odds to make it to the finals indeed. Honestly? Our money is on Brazil. What we want? Uruguay!

Betting on the 2018 World Cup

And because we haven’t quite covered this topic, I feel it’s appropriate to broach and explore it just now. If you haven’t done any sort of sports betting before, that’s all very fine. We will offer you a quick run-down of what you have to do if you want to be successful.

First, of course, you will have to pick yourself a good bookmaker. Picking a decent bookie is no easy task, but one that you will have to embark on if you want any subsequent efforts you make to achieve something. Off the top of our hats, we can recommend bet365. They are a massive betting agencies with established facilities all around the world. You will certainly be able to place any type of bet you want. Match and tournament winners are the bets you want to be after, especially if you are inexperienced.

Brush away for the moment any concerns that you may have about particular results. That’s advanced betting. But if you have had a better run (than I had!) in guessing the final outcomes of matches, why not give yourself a quick financial leg-up? By all means, share your impressions and see what the most likely outcome in your opinion would be.

You can do all of this on any given bookmaker. Another important strategy when betting, however, is to make sure you have compared all the odds available. Yes you often may need to shop about to make sure you get the best odds, and there’s no shame in that. Bet365 may be the best, or one thereof, bookmaker in business, but it doesn’t mean they are always right nor that they always will come up with the best odds.

And that’s normal. Every bookie is looking for an edge, and it’s a common knowledge. And so you should also be trying to get a leg-up on your bookmaker and make sure that you are always betting at the best possible odds. Don’t give yourself too much trouble if you can’t find excellent opportunities.

Most of the time, bookmakers like to keep things pretty evened out and as a result, you won’t have immediate opportunities to reap huge sums. Unless you are very knowledgeable about the game and can predict the results well.