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The EPL Round Up – What Happened

It’s been quite the week for the English Premier League (EPL).

The EPL Round Up – What Happened

It’s been quite the week for the English Premier League (EPL). A fair bit happened and a few teams got to play a wee bit better than we expected them to. Of course, there have been a few disappointments along the way, but this is how the games go. The highlights of the tournaments are nearly every game we had on our hands this week, so it would be difficult to cover all of them, but let’s focus on the ones we followed up close and really helped us enjoy our weekend a wee bit more. Here’s our Round Up

It’s been a great week for the English Premier League and we are here to sum up the facts. Here’s the EPL as it happened over the weekend.

Huddersfield – Tottenham: 2-0

Huddersfield and Tottenham supposedly met on a level playground. There was nothing to suggest otherwise. Tottenham has been fighting a fair bit throughout the competition and the Hotspurs knew that they are going to be the most likely winner. Their hopes were shortly after confirmed, following two successful points in the goal of their opponents from Huddersfield.

The game brought quite a bit of satisfaction to the Hotspurs’ fans and it dashed the hopes of Huddersfield’s own lot who had been hoping that the rotten spell they had been caught up in would finally come to an end. Such are the vicissitudes of the EPL, though.

Arsenal – Watford: 2-0

Arsenal has been improving on their states by quite a bit. Admittedly, the team had some reasons for concern when they started the season but this has been fixed ever since they made their appearance early into the season. With this in mind, Arsenal managed to defeat a strong team. A team that in fact had all the chances of routing Arsenal and leaving hem with yet another loss.

Well, the Gunners didn’t let this happen and they truly pushed through their pain, delivering quick blows to Waterford and consolidating their advantage.

Wolves – Southampton: 2-0

There have been quite a few 2-0’s in this round of the EPL. The game between Southampton and the Wolves was no different. True, we did expect the Wolves to perform a wee bit better, but they did well enough to drub Southampton at 2-0. The results have been quite outstanding in their own right and gave the Wolves the desired advantage.

Still, the bottom segment of the EPL has been quite the challenge to climb out of and we cannot really fault the teams that are currently roughing it there. Still, the low segment does promise to be a wee bit more challenging for everyone in it, so watch out Wolves!

Leicester – Newcastle – 2-0

It’s no joke. The teams this leg of the race were matched so well that they kept posting the same results. Leicester won against Newcastle with 2 easy points and there was nothing Newcastle could do to stop that from happening. Such was the nature of the day indeed. With this in mind, Newcastle could have done a better job, but apparently not immediately.

There was quite a bit of effort to put in everyone’s game and Newcastle held their end. They were simply outplayed by Leicester. And to be quite honest – the team has been doing an absolutely brilliant job out of keeping their own end of the league well-honed.

Manchester City – Brighton 2-0

Brighton did indeed have it rather easy playing up against Manchester City. With this in mind, it’s worth mentioning that the teams had nearly a matched game that was definitely surprising. Still, Manchester City did have the qualities that made them the better squad and they benefited from that in full. The defeat over Brighton is not much to be boastful about, but what matters is the way that this happened – exactly as it should have with Manchester City demonstrating their mettle.

Chelsea – Liverpool: 1-1

Chelsea and Liverpool showed themselves as equally matched squads and house names. With their recent successes in mind, the game was truly much anticipated. They didn’t fail to disappoint either even though it was a draw in the end with both teams doing their absolute best to one-up the other. Such was the outcome of the EPL’s competition this week.