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The English Premier League (EPL) – Round 9 – What’s Important?

And so, the season has started.

The English Premier League (EPL) – Round 9 – What’s Important?

And so, the season has started. The English Premier League (EPL) has already had quite a handful of matches and some of those have resulted in moments of triumph for teams such as Chelsea, Man City, and most notably Liverpool.

The fortune of other teams has been less, well, fortunate. We have seen Manchester City completely lose its footing in the 10 Rounds we have seen so far, although the Red Devils are still in the top 10, and they may yet make a comeback. It’s all going to be decided in a few hours anyway.

Manchester City and Chelsea managed to outpace the indominable Liverpool, and the Blues are crowning it all.

Ten Rounds of Joy and Thrills


Speaking of the achievements in the EPL so far, we definitely need to note down what the small timers have done. West Ham have been quite the notable presence in the latest developments of the league. They have determinedly fought back and managed to climb out of the 20th place, although now at 15th doesn’t mean much. But things are indeed looking up.

Notably, West Ham fought off Chelsea. Meanwhile, Tottenham Hotspurs drubbed Manchester United with smarting 3-0, which was the first of the trouble Jose Mourinho had to explain to his management and footballer.

There is much more that seems to be pressing the irate manager right now, but the immediate troubles of the footballers definitely take precedence.

Another team that we though that won’t be able to hold their end was Arsenal who truly struggled at first but are now among the possible contenders for the title. However, for Arsenal to truly break even, they will have to demonstrate excellent plays, game in and game out.

Anything different will cost them dearly and quickly.

The Immediate EPL Action


Of the upcoming games, we are really the most interested in Tottenham Hotspurs against West Ham. There is much to be said about both teams and we are not absolutely sure where we should start, really. However, it feels like Tottenham Hotspurs have a good incentive to win right now.

As the game will be kicking off in earnest soon, you may want to consider tuning in. There are quite a few ways to tune in and watch without ever being afraid that you will miss anything.

  • Live Streaming: LINK
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  • Channels to watch the match: LINK

So, Tottenham! We love Tottenham, but we also feel strongly about West Ham, as our coverage may have suggested! In any event, we will be super excited to see any team win today, and admittedly a bit happier for that team to be West Ham.

All the other games today also matter to us, so what is actually coming:

  • Newcastle vs Brighton
  • Bournemouth vs Southampton
  • Cardiff City vs Fulham
  • Wolverhampton vs Watford
  • Manchester City vs Burnley

Now, you will notice that all of these matches will be played at the same time. We advise you to jump quickly through our list of channels in the links and make sure that you truly get hold of the entire EPL by tuning in to the channels that will actually allow you to watch the events live.

Watching the EPL Action on Your Phone?


In case you were wondering, you can watch the EPL action on your phone and never have to worry ever again. We recommend that you stick with the best EPL by staying tune to what we have to offer you.

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Conclusion – The EPL Beats On


It’s time to tune in and watch! The EPL so far has been absolutely fantastic. We believe that more of the same will be happening right now so we exert you to drop anything you have been doing and head for the live streams! The games are beginning, so hurry up and start enjoying the scoring bonanza! There are 8 teams playing already and we are sure you wouldn’t want to miss any!