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The Biggest Loser of the EPL?

There is quite a bit that is dispiriting in the English Premier League (EPL).

The Biggest Loser of the EPL?

There is quite a bit that is dispiriting in the English Premier League (EPL). Oh, we don’t mean for you as viewers. Not by a long stretch. It’s only teams that have to swallow bitter disappointment in the end, and that’s all that matters to be quite honest. With this in mind, we take a look at the teams that have been losing the most this season. Who’s the biggest loser?

The Top Dogs – Manchester United

Manchester United are far from the worst performing team, although they have managed to take the meaning of the world embarrassment and take it to new heights. Game in and game out, Jose Mourinho has been having his tantrum fits and fuming against the unfairness of circumstances.

Manchester suffered a defeat from Tottenham and got reduced to tears by West Ham who clinched 3-1 against them. Manchester United have had a lot of hard-earned victories against teams that are well on the bottom of this list. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why we put Manchester United in our losers of the season list.

But in honesty, it’s still too early to tell. Besides, the Red Devils have exceptional skills as a power squad in football. Far from their top shape, however, it’s easy to see why it’s easy to confuse their names and performances for the title.

Newcastle – A Fate of the Season


Newcastle are presently going through quite the rough spell with their games. However, they almost managed to secure a victory against the Red Devils when their defences just broke down and Man United returned with 3 points in their goal.

Short-lived, Newcastle’s hopes of breaking out of the W0 metrics were dashed right there by a nervous and not so confident Manchester United.

Huddersfield – Suffering Just like the Rest


In Huddersfield defence, they have had to so far play some tough teams at the very beginning and it’s easy to see how this can crush your spirit. They have been doing their best to fight their way out of the bottom but somewhat unsuccessfully.

Nevertheless, there is more to this team that meets the eyes and we are sure that Huddersfield, while one of the team with the most losses to its name, is still well-poised to continue competing in the EPL.

Southampton and Fulham


Both Southampton and Fulham have not been doing so well. The teams have had some troubles finding their initial footing and those problems continued to persist further down the road.

Their players have also been getting quite a few red cards, which is another reason to estimate that there is more that needs to be done in their ranks in order for the team to perform as they intended to.

West Ham


West Ham started poorly and for a while they were at the bottom of the table. Now they are 15th, partly because other teams have failed, and mostly because they have pulled some amazing plays so far, including a draw against Chelsea which we quite like to mention here.

The Temporary Break Is About to End


With the temporary break that teams are now all taking, we can expect a return of the EPL on Saturday, October 20. If you have missed our series of articles Where to Watch, we urge you to double back and have a look right away.

We have integrated live streams in each of our write-ups to make sure that you will never miss a thing when it comes to the EPL and spectating games there. In addition, we want to remind you that Go Football TV covers football games via Live Scores and Live Streams.

On top of that, you can use our list of channels and identify the ones that are being broadcast on your TV already. This sums up our coverage of the EPL for this week. We will be updating some of our articles this week to better reflect the upcoming matches starting on Saturday.

Stay tuned, and watch as many games from other football derbies as you like!