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The Amazing 5-Step English Premier League Betting Guide

Welcome, punters! Welcome to our dedicated review of all things betting.

The Amazing 5-Step English Premier League Betting Guide

Welcome, punters! Welcome to our dedicated review of all things betting. We know that the English Premier League is just around the corner, and well, it may be worth it to get a few things straight. In fact, it may help to get quite a few things right before we plunge into it. Our betting guide will help!

What will you learn, you wonder?

  • How to place proper wagers
  • How to manage your bankroll
  • And how to let go of teams not promising ROI

1 Way to Bet Like a Delightful Pro


Let’s get some things clear first. You cannot support teams that don’t promise to help you add to your bankroll. Absolutely, you love Arsenal or Chelsea or even the Red Devils, but if things go badly for them, you should give up on loving them and let them go.

Wasn’t that the basis for a popular saying, even?

Well, whatever it is, you will learn how to master the wagering game without risking much of your bankroll. And our first advice is:


You can love them as much as we do, but then again – you should never wager on teams that are not faring too well in the competition. For this reason, you should always consider your wagers carefully and be prepared to adapt to sudden changes as soon as they occur.

2% Of Your Bankroll, Stupid!


Want to make it far in the EPL betting game? It’s not all just about calling the outcome of races! It’s also about how you manage your money. Do that well and you will soon be doing an excellent job of advancing your own betting game. We promise to show you how it’s done.

Have you heard of the 2% rule? No?

Great, now you have! The 2% rule means that a single wager should be placed on any bet you are taking. Oh, but you may remonstrate that you have quite the good idea about a wager turning a massive profit for you.

Then by all means – go ahead, but don’t think that will be the norm, because it rarely is.

Chasing the Wind, Chasing the Losses


You think that a loss hurts? Try to catch up to it and you will soon be fresh out of options! Many players simply tank their money by thinking that they can make up on money they have lost. Well, the simple fact is they can’t, but there’s hardly any shame in that.

For the majority of us chasing our losses is the sure-fire way to destroy the budget that we have been hard at accumulating. So, should you go after a loss? No. What should you do instead? It’s really simple. Get out of the way. And stop your gaming for a bit. A tiny little innocuous bit.

Check the Competitive Odds


We are all too happy to support a single team and that’s it. That’s great. But why support a single set of odds? Shop around! Did you know that by looking for competitive odds you are in fact slashing the bookmaker’s advantage, the house edge?

Yes, that’s true and all you need to be successful is

Look past the bookmaker you have chosen. It’s what matters and what you should truly be after in the long term. Get the bookie to lose a bit of the advantage that is inherently theirs and spot the value betting situations. Sooner or later, applying this strategy, you will get quite a bit of your winnings back, assuming you have lost anything so far.

5: Futures, Take Future Bets


The earlier you stake, the better. Future bets may seem rather unreasonable, as they are, but a minor wager of an underdog can easily pay off in a big way. We recommend that you analyze the underdogs and put a tenner down on them. EPL betting is not all that complicated when you put a bit of a foresight there.

With this, we conclude our quick and reliable guide on EPL betting. If you truly want to keep yourself abreast of the developments, we recommend that you keep up with the odds available here at Big World Sports.