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Top Sports Bars in Moscow, Russia

If you have decided to go to Moscow and live & breathe the 2018 World Cup as it unfolds, you may be in a need for a good spot to share the joys and sorrows of the tournament’s teams.

Top Sports Bars in Moscow, Russia

If you have decided to go to Moscow and live & breathe the 2018 World Cup as it unfolds, you may be in a need for a good spot to share the joys and sorrows of the tournament’s teams. Moscow is a veritable patchwork of little bistros and reputable drinking dens. If crowds scare you and you would rather not be part of the raucousness, you may opt for an arguably less stressful experience by picking a sports bar in Moscow. We have a quick sample of some of Moscow’s homeliest and most frequented sports bar venues.

Liga Pap New Arena

Source: TripAdvisor

One of the foremost bars in Moscow, Liga Pap provides copious amounts of meat and drink for the weary sports enthusiast. The bar’s interior is kitted out with all modern amenities, which make the guests’ stay quite satisfactory in fact.

The walls are decked out with screens which allow everyone to follow the sports action unfolding regardless of where they have chosen to sit in the bar. Rows of benches and tables make a sort of communual place where fans can mingle openly. Liga Pap has a reputation for a top-notch kitchen, which local fans have enjoyed for quite a while now.
It may be wise to call ahead of opening day and check if they have free spots because most people tend to book their tales ahead of any major sporting event. Overall? A great sports bar.

The Tipsy Pub

The playful and aptly-chosen name does not imply boisterous carousal, although it very much invites it. As one of the top drinking and sporting bar venues in Moscow, The Tipsy Pub is frequented by home fans and foreigners alike.

The atmosphere is communal and the place can host up to 170 people. If you think that the bar looks ostentatiously Irish, you have a point. It has been designed by an Irish designer to smack of exactly good ol’ Irish lads would expect from their premier sports bar.


Source: Eater

Batter down the hatches, you lot! Bunker-42 provides you with the ultimate solution for your sporting needs. Located in a former Soviet bunker, the facility takes you 65 metres underground, allowing you to enjoy the game in the relative security of this hut. If you fancy exploring the military facility itself, there are a handful of sections that you may amble throughout without a care.
Meanwhile, the good news is that the food doesn’t smack of warlike Russia. Au contraire, you can enjoy some quality meat & drink throughout your entire stay on the premises.

Connolly Station

A great place for you to enjoy the upcoming spate of football matches. It’s a spacious venue with a lot of tables and enough TV screens to make sure that you won’t miss a second of the game you have come to see. The beer & food are up to snuff and you can have a very delectable evening out indeed, watching the World Cup.

Tap & Barrel Pub

Source: TripAdvisor

If profuse drinking is on your bucket list, you may have found just the place for you! Tap & Barrel Pub promises to serve you great quality drinks. You can amble along the spacious open-space and pick your vantage point for watching the match. If you want to have your private space but share the common thrill of the game, Tap & Barel Pub are just the right thing for you.

Petrov & Vasechka

With a name like this, Petrov & Vasechka is the quintessential Russian pub, which nevertheless sports delicacies, such as barbecue ribs and kimchi burgers. The interior may appear strange at first glance as it mingles Eastern and Western elements successfully.

The Great Selection of Venues

Picking your favourite bistro is, of course, a matter of personal preference. Russia hardly has pubs that may appear hostile or unwelcoming to a visitor from abroad. Football is often a social lubricant and locals tend to be excited about the prospect of palavering with foreigners.

With so many great options to pick from, you should definitely pursue the world of Russian sports bars. You needn’t worry about going to the World Cup stadiums in person when you can have all the excitement in a rather more moderate, and ultimately the more pleasant environment. Pick yourself a venue and order yourself a pint with a serving of fries.