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Spain vs Russia, in a Minute!

Yesterday’s football derby was quite spectacular to behold.

Spain vs Russia, in a Minute!

Yesterday’s football derby was quite spectacular to behold. On June 30 we saw some high-paced plays from four countries with Portugal dropping out of the race and France defeating Argentina in a rather expected turn of events. The match that pitted Uruguay and Portugal was highly amusing. It revealed that Uruguay’s success was not a mere chance mishap. It was the deliberate and considerate play of a team that has been preparing to come victorious.

Of course, Portugal did not take the game well. The referee missed at least two play outs where a penalty and a yellow card would have been appropriate. This vexed Portugal and on one occasion Uruguay both. To be perfectly honest, though, Uruguay’s anger seemed to subside quite readily following their second goal, which sealed the deal following Portugal’s retaliation spearheaded by Pepe.

Be Bygones … Spain meets Russia

Russia will have to cool down. After suffering a serious drubbing from Uruguay, the country is now facing off Spain. And Spain definitely doesn’t mess around. Тhe team will most certainly seek a speedy defeat over Russia. Nothing seems to be able to go wrong on this occasion. But can Russia rally magnificently on home soil and deliver a crushing blow to the Southerners?

Now, I personally don’t root for Russia, because I am fond of Spain, even though they tend to be a bit rough on occasion. My aversion to rooting for Russia is because I think they had a really easy group and failed miserably at the first serious turn. Conversely, I don’t think that Russian football is bad. Not by a stretch, but I think they may have built an ego that lacks a solid and firm foundation.

Spain, on the other hand, is not underestimating Russia. They want a smooth and clear win and they will play at the peak of their abilities and unsparingly try to claw themselves a place in the next stage of the competition. And so, with Russia and Spain all acutely aware of what is at stake here, the two teams are meeting in mere minutes.

The Far-Flung Balkans vs Denmark

Croatia has had good football for as long as there’s been World Cup. Of course, the country was not known as Croatia back then, but this didn’t stop the ethnic Croatians literally obliterate teams during competitions. Denmark has managed to come out of its group stage defeating Peru and holding up against both Australia and more importantly France, which is quite telling about the team’s ability to defend its goal uncompromisingly.

Croatia’s attack is strong though, and it will definitely put Denmark’s defences at risk of breaching. Who will continue in tonight’s football derby’s anyone’s guess? I think Croatia have a strong offensive and even a momentary lapse on the part of Denmark will be enough to seal the deal for the Croatian team. Meanwhile, I am not so convinced if Denmark themselves would be able to score against the fast-paced Croatians.

The Game Is On!

If Russia somehow manages a defeat over Spain that will be spectacular. Denmark’s offensive outpacing Croatia will be another feat. If you are in the fray for the purely betting aspect of the whole thing, we recommend that you pay attention to the bookmakers. First, start by shopping around for the best possible odds.

This means to drop the bookie you have been swearing your allegiance by and start running a genuine research into all possible options out there. Don’t be shy. Make sure to register an account here and an account there. Check the odds and make sure that you aren’t missing on a particular promotion that has been allocated to the particular event.