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Spain vs Portugal – A Great Game, New Football Derby Today!

If you have missed yesterday’s match between Spain and Portugal, woe is you.

Spain vs Portugal – A Great Game, New Football Derby Today!

If you have missed yesterday’s match between Spain and Portugal, woe is you. Not only was that one of the most spectacular games to witness in football history, but it was also the highly-contested derby that any high-tier game should be. After a penalty shot for Ronaldo at 4’, Portugal led the way with one goal.

But Spain had the better team by the look of it. Final statistics showed somewhat the same. Spain had the ball over 60% of the time, leaving the very little opportunity to Portugal to do anything if at all. Diego Costa managed to outplay three defenders in Portugal’s goal field and surprise Rui Patricio.

In the 44’, Ronaldo managed to score his second goal in Spain’s post. It was a beautiful shot that took skill & precision. Even though his previous shot may have been somewhat contested, this was a through-and-through Ronaldo.

Spain seemed in a bad spot, but that was just as well because Costa and Jose Nacho returned goals in Portugal’s goal at 55’ and 58’ demonstrating, in a very short space of time, what a world-class team can actually do.

While Spain seemed to be winning, Ronaldo managed a 3rd successful hit in Spain’s door and scored the third point in the goal, settling the final score – 3-3. It was an intense, competitive, contested game, one that we hope will repeat itself all throughout the competition.

Football in Store for Saturday, Today!

Meanwhile, we hardly should worry about the tournament slowing down. The games we can expect today are equally promising in overall football potential and we intend to enjoy them in full. You will notice that the teams playing today will again be of varying skill levels, but hopefully, they will create a good opportunity for everyone to enjoy some decent football action.

France vs Australia

Australia is the laidback, easy-going types. They can hardly break a sweat over a confrontation with someone else and usually concede much. However, they also love the sport and being slightly better than their opponents whilst remaining respectfully polite.

Aziz Behic from Australia’s team seemed confident this morning when there were barely 8 hours left until his team’s clash with France. Kazan will host the derby and we have already had a chance to see & hear what France’s coach, Didier Deschamps, has been up to.

In their competitive past, France and Australia only battled it out once, at the 2001 FIFA Confederations Cup. France won a hard victory scoring 1 goal that secured them the win. Overall, France and Australia have met three-time – twice victory went in the way of Australia, and one game was a draw.

Australia, meanwhile, is fielding its youngsters. Daniel Arzaniis and Kylian Mbappe are both 19 years old and rather spoiled for a skirmish with the Socceroos!

Argentina vs Iceland

It’s hard to say what will happen. For starters, Iceland has never been part of any World Cup competition, which makes the team the cool and withdrawn people of the North they truly are.

While Icelanders may have been caught in a coldsnap, Argentina’s coach, Jorge Sampaoli, has been much more effusive about Diego Zandrino: “Being his team-mate on the field or being a coach of the team where Leo is, tends to be a very nice experience for us. Having such a player so different from the rest generates learning opportunities for the rest of the group that must understand the decision of a genius.”

Meanwhile, Icelanders remain, just as Australians, one of the most amiable nations on Earth. While dour-looking, they have an acute sense of self-deprecating humour and they generally befriend people who act kindly towards them.

Argentina is clearly the more competitive team, but the lumbering giants from the North should not be underestimated. They have a somewhat personal stake in not disappointing quite a few people.

Peru vs Denmark

Peruvians are quite the patriotic lot. They are known for singing their national anthem with the same passion they celebrate a goal. Well, Danish seem to be slightly soberer when it comes to paying homage to their country’s anthem.

Both teams are in fact not the immediate favourites, but they are well-poised to advance well into the later stages of the competition.

I hope we will see a competition of the same rank as Spain and Portugal did yesterday in this game, albeit we will have to wait and see.

Yes, There’s a Place for Old Dogs, Too

Ultimately, there is a place for every team of merit on this tournament. This is quite evident from what has happened so far. Even after Spain and Portugal, we expect to see the same commitment from teams looking to make it all the way to the top of this competition.