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Southampton and Watford – What’s Next?

Southampton, the team that devasted Newcastle, will be facing off Watford and we can’t help but wonder what could come out of it.

Southampton and Watford – What’s Next?

Southampton, the team that devasted Newcastle, will be facing off Watford and we can’t help but wonder what could come out of it. In order to get a clearer picture, let’s focus on the upcoming events and matches this week, which will see us return to watching the English Premier League(EPL)

Southampton – A Bit Too Difficult, but Worth It

Southampton have the air of an aspiring champion around themselves. It’s hard to call them anything but. However, they will definitely need to catch up on their gameplay. A recent routing against Manchester City did nothing to fix their morale.

Sure, the team played against Newcastle and they played rather well, enough to win them quite a few goals. However, this may not be enough against Watford who may not be topping the charts right now, but who have, nevertheless, had quite a few brushes with well-established teams.

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Fear Watford 

Watford are definitely a team that needs to be addressed with all the seriousness that their name suggests. Trying to handle them otherwise will result in certain defeat. Southampton may be aware of this, but the team seems confident in fielding its own players.

Watford also seem confident against Southampton and we cannot help but ask if their confidence is not a bit too much. Watford are 8th in the overall standing, but they also have had a string of losses most recently, suffering from Bournemouth, Manchester United, and Arsenal.

They did manage to one-up Tottenham, but we cannot help and wonder if that’s truly enough? The defeat over Tottenham, though, does really look like a promising silver lining in the history of the club. The defenders of the team seem to be all quite up to the task, so they will indeed be able to perform well against Southampton.

Even if Southampton presses the attack, they will have to deal with quite a bit of trouble in the defenses. And if an attack fails, a successful counter-attack may follow, which is not something Southampton will want to deal with.

Considering the Betting Odds

When it comes to calculating the chances of both teams winning, Watford will be priced at around 1 and Southampton will get 2.5 and more with some bookmakers. This is tempting and offers 50% and more return on your investment (ROI), however we really don’t think that Southampton will be winning this match.

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In Conclusion

Watford will most likely win, but Southampton will not go without a fight. This is why both teams will be particularly wary of each other trying to punish any and all mistakes that the teams commit on the field.

A momentary lapse could cost either team dearly. And when it’s the EPL that we are talking about, nobody wants to give anyone an advantage. Watford stand to benefit more from a victory than do Southampton, but they all have a claim on the title.