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Schalke 04 vs Man City UEFA [Predictions & Analysis]

The German powerhouse Schalke 04 will be playing Manchester City as early as Wednesday, February 20.

Schalke 04 vs Man City UEFA [Predictions & Analysis]

The German powerhouse Schalke 04 will be playing Manchester City as early as Wednesday, February 20. The match will pit two of the best teams in their respective divisions and hopefully produce a winner. With the high-level plays that we can expect, this is not the only possible scenario, though.

Schalke and Manchester City – Where to Watch the Game?

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Schalke 04 – Back and Forth Between the Top Teams

Credit: Schalke 04 FC

Schalke 04 has had quite the season so far. They are definitely a team that knows how to work together and overcome all difficulties Their team has seen some challenges, admittedly, and they haven’t been winning of their games.

Then, at the same time, there’s definitely a lot that you get to admire about Schalke 04. Not only are they involved in multiple sports, but their football teams have been doing quite well indeed. Schalke has lost against Bayern Munich and Gladbach recently, allowing their opponents to almost completely dominate the game, but this is no reason for despair.

Schalke 04 feel very confident about their game against Manchester United. Understandably, the team realizes that City aren’t a team that will go down easily, if at all. Still, Schalke 04 are very confident in their own play and fully prepared to take on a massive challenge. Well, they shouldn’t expect anything else, because Man City are completely dominating around the world of football these days.

Manchester City – The Team That Knows No Rest

Credit: Manchester City

Manchester City are a truly outstanding squad in the English Premier League and UEFA both. Everyone who has had the pleasure to spectate their games would tell you that their athleticism and prowess with the football is just outstanding.

Their last matches have been very convincing victories indeed, starting with 3:1 against Arsenal and topping that off against Everton with 2:0.

The true test to their skill came on February 10 when the team met Chelsea and defeated the team 6:0. That was quite the game indeed and a development that nobody could have predicted. The triumph of Manchester City was massive.

The team is obviously in a great shape and one that may be difficult to overcome. And indeed, Manchester City haven’t been a better form for a while now. Most surprisingly, they did lose to New Castle, but that was preceded by a victory over Liverpool.

Having found their pace once again, the team is really prepared to make headlines again – whether in the EPL or in UEFA.

Whom to Back?

Schalke 04 have definitely struggled a little more when it comes to their overall performance so far. Manchester City have picked off quite convincingly. Choosing a team to back will be very difficult indeed, but it’s no reason for despair at all.

Man City, though will be the team to back. From the standpoint of bookmakers, though, you wouldn’t make much profit if you place a wager on Man City. Instead, you should try and focus on Schalke 04.

That’s a rather risky bet to make, though, isn’t it? Indeed. You will notice that there are quite a few unknowns when it comes to this and you will have to be fully prepared for everything that may follow.

If you do choose to bet on Schalke 04, you will have to be a bit more careful with the sums that you choose to commit. We wouldn’t put more than £10 on them and that’s only if we had £10 to lose.

Sometimes the benefits of such betting can really show up, but you need to be careful nevertheless.