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Russian Football Team Observed

Russia may very well be the host of the upcoming tournament, but the Russian football team is reportedly in its worst shape.

Russian Football Team Observed

Russia may very well be the host of the upcoming tournament, but the Russian football team is reportedly in its worst shape. Observers’ report confirms that. We don’t base this on mere observation, though. The facts are, alas, the facts.

The past five matches of the Reds landed them at three defeats, and the most they managed to squeeze out in the way of victory, were two draws. If we were to calculate this in terms of points, Russia would end up with just two points – and that is, no biggie.

To make matters somewhat starker, these records hardly include the defeats Russia suffered from France and Brazil, followed by a draw with Spain, which is actually the best thing about Russia’s stepping into the 2018 World Cup spotlight. In fact, the Russian football team has been losing for seven games and it managed to last win in October 2017, defeating South Korea.

A Silver Lining for the Russian Football Team

Russia however, need not worry too much about the enemies it will face up against in the 2018 World Cup, as it will be predominantly teams that have not had a much better track record. Currently, the country will play up against Egyp and Saudia Arabia, who have been markedly underperforming as part of their qualification process.

But to be honest, even Germany managed to lose in a friendly match with Austria, indicating that big changes in the world of football are quite common. If we are to draw the parallel with Germany, though, it would be worth mentioning that the country still got wins against Chile, Armenia, and England, but had drawn with Cameroon and Poland, back in 2014 when the country was hosting the event. These days Germany scores 10 wins in a roll to qualify.

The Other Kids on the Block

Peru, on the other hand, has also shown great football record, with 5 games of clear wins. Brazil too is favoured to drub their opponents, although they finished with a draw with England. In fact, the only game where Brazil did not win.

Morocco has followed up with 17 games without a loss, including its last seven games, which put the team at charm offensive with anyone who comes to cross paths with it. Morocco will first face off Iran during the World Cup preparations.

A Game of Cancellations

Meanwhile, there have been quite a few cancellations during the friendlies which are used as a barometer of what may transpire next on the playfield. With this in mind, we may stop and ponder what good cancelling a friendly game may be. The immediate answer is – not much.

Friendlies allow coaches to spot weaknesses not so much in the opponent’s game as that of their own team. It’s a nice way to calibrate your squad one last time prior to plunging into the thick fray. Cancelling those sorts of games is indicatory of either doubts or that the team is too concerned not to disclose something they hold a sensitive information.

Russian Football Team – All Primed to Go

Little will be stopping Russia from progressing though. Despite a rather poor performance, Russia will be playing on home turf and that is no small thing. Considering the rather easy matches the team has ahead, it may be enough to bolster their morale and roughen them just about enough so Russia may continue to the next stage. Pulling feats would be truly amazing, but it is unlikely at this point, and if you are looking to dabble in sports wagering, and want to support Russia, make sure you include it into an accumulators with some more easy to guess games.

A Final Thought on Russia

With a predominantly local team, the team may struggle to adapt to aggressive play from foreigners. Conversely, no-one in the West knows what to realistically expect from the hosts, as they have been walled off in their private world playing there. With this in mind it’s easy to anticipate a game that may seem decided, but then the many unknown around it could still upend the balance and wobble the skies. The World Cup is coming and it’s now time to batten down the hatches.