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Russia Out, Qatar Rolls In

The World Cup may just have concluded, but the derby for the football’s most prestigious game is hardly over.

Russia Out, Qatar Rolls In

The World Cup may just have concluded, but the derby for the football’s most prestigious game is hardly over. Quite to the contrary, as a point of fact. Organizers are now tentatively preparing the upcoming games in Qatar amid a diplomatic coldsnap. None is to say that this will all pan out for the good. Even then, hopes are high. The FIFA World Cup will arrive at a Muslim-majority country and we will for the first time see European flocking to the desert sun to observe the game.

It’s definitely a worthy milestone, but everyone seems to be a bit precautious about the whole idea as well. This is not difficult to understand given the track record of the country. Female football lovers may feel less inclined to visit the country even for a hobby they openly enjoy.

These fears are rational, even though they are tinged with a hint of stereotype. Even then, it would be difficult to understand what it means to be venturing out in the far Middle East without actually knowing what to expect.

Despite the qualms, though, organizers insist that such issues will be addressed so that the Kingdom’s guests may enjoy a pleasant stay through and through without having to fear for anything, not even for a moment.

Qatar’s Football Squad

Qatar has definitely not been a known name on the football name. Saudi Arabia turned to be better during the 2018 World Cup and they made it to the stage groups. They also turned out to be the poorest team from the region and in the championship in terms of football acumen.

Quite understandably, nobody exactly is pining their hopes on what the Qatari football team can pull off. But the nature of inclusion that 2018 FIFA  was sporting. No doubt, the tournament in Russia has been quite successful in its own right. If the following tournaments may continue this spirit of inclusion, it will be quite difficult to confer the same success to any future event.

Cronyism or Meritocracy?


Much time has been allocated to debating whether the FIFA World Cup has been a matter of corruption and cronyism or rathe the event has been allocated based on the merit of individual teams. Here’s something spicy from behind the scenes. Your reporter actually did a three-month daily report on the FIFA corruption that was quite wide-spread, so much that the FIFA PR arm cut the whole project cold as it didn’t obtain the image-burnishing quality its authors had hoped for.

It’s understandable that similar suspicions can be quite easily directed at the way of the next World Cup. In fact, it has been proven that numerous FIFA executives have been getting payments from Qatari officials in order to secure the World Cup for the Kingdom.

The FIFA World Cup is going to be used as a political leverage, too, especially when the rest of the Arabian world have put Qatar in isolation. With this in mind, it’s understandable that there is growing evidence about the dishonest nature of the tournament.

Was Russia’s World Cup a kowtow or was it Infantino’s brilliant policy making par excellence, following in the footsteps of the Olympic Movement and the energetic and ambitious Thomas Bach.

The current format definitely raises a few questions and a fair number of eyebrows. Coming up with a decisive and blistering final decision, however, is grossly unfair and not very likely to change many things right now. Even then, it’s worth noting that the reason to doubt the purity of the World Cup events is quite palpable. At the end of the latest edition, we may genuinely ask ourselves if there’s more to all of it than what appearances suggest.

Don’t spend too much time pondering the implications for it will be difficult to divine the true nature of the FIFA World Cup. In order to establish a clear timeline and help differentiate between cronies and individual of merit, some time will have to pass, and that’s not necessarily going to happen soon.

What we should all hope for is that Qatar will outdo our boldest ambitions for the event and we will see an event that will go under the banner of mutual respect and equality.