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Red Devils vs Man City This Weekend

Man City vs Man United will be one of the most anticipated games.

Red Devils vs Man City This Weekend

Man City vs Man United will be one of the most anticipated games. The rivalry between these two teams is quite big and it will definitely cause some excitement on the field. However, the likely outcome is quite unpalatable for the Red Devils.

Red vs Blue

Rivals as the two teams may be, there is one thing that is now a fact. The Red Devils, Manchester United, are in trouble. They keep an old familiar rivalry against City, but will this be enough? City are currently topping the EPL standings whereas the Reds are struggling not to get tossed out of the leading ten.

It’s been a long and difficult competition and it’s very likely to continue being just as complicated and difficult. With this in mind, Man City are poised to defeat Man United and there is really little doubt about that.

However, the emotions that will transpire on the field along with that are quite important. The rivalry will see footballers do their absolute best to land this victory and keep their honor. Of course, everyone realizes that in footballs games are won and lost, but it’s also worth noting that this particular game is really one of the main hurdles ahead of Man United to keep their somewhat good score.

Where to Watch?

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Man City at the Helm

Man City will be coming into this game quite composed and having nothing to worry indeed. The team know that they have the higher ground here and it will be difficult for Man United to catch up. Where City have had an overwhelming string of games where they managed to perform quite effortlessly, Man United have been struggling big time.

With this settled, Man City are really set to completely annihilate the Red Devils who will nevertheless be putting quite the fight. After all, it’s their honour at stake here and they will try to either draw or be defeated by a minimum point difference.

If Man City manage to steamroll them, it would be an embarrassment, not to mention that Jose Mourinho will most likely again have one of his notorious tantrum fits, which will cast the entire team in a bad light. This is a development that everyone wants to avoid at all costs.

The Bookmakers and the Game

The bookies are heavily favouring Man City and there is nothing surprising in that. It’s difficult to issue a proper recommendation about which team must be backed, because it always comes down to personal preference.

We generally support the underdog, so Manchester City, but Mr. Mourinho has made it very difficult to show even a sliver of sympathy for the Red Devils. He has repeatedly blamed his footballers for their performance whereas he has to be the unifying presence in the team.

With this in mind, we would love to see the Red Devils soar to victory in the Sunday Derby, but we are not entire convinced that this is a realistic expectation when it comes to this.

As the situation stands, Man United will be really lucky if Man City don’t destroy them by leaving them at a zero. However, we still know that the Red Devils’ footballers are quite capable and despite the persisting internal strife, there will be excellent opportunities for everyone to shine.

All that is needed is a bit of luck and the support of the fans.