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Real Madrid, Liverpool – Teams Strengths & Weaknesses

To say that this has been a straightforward season would be an overstatement.

Real Madrid, Liverpool – Teams Strengths & Weaknesses

To say that this has been a straightforward season would be an overstatement. The Champions League offered many ups and downs, some anticipated whereas others taking aback casual observers and enthusiasts alike. Porto managed to overcome Roma and Barcelona defeated Celtic in a 7-0 victory. Bayern München did in fact notch up a drubbing of its own, defeating Rostov with 5-0. Real Madrid, the current finalists, met with Borussia Dortmund to end the game with a draw.

Today we examine the finalists, Real Madrid and Liverpool. With quite a bit at stake, Real Madrid will be seeking to claim the title for a third time in a roll while their English counterparts will have to overcome some minor confidence issues and bolster their defences against RM’s famed strikers, led by Cristiano Ronaldo.


Possible Third Consecutive Victory for Real Madrid

Real Madrid will definitely seek a third consecutive victory, and aggressive play is expected. Despite hitting a minor snag at home and giving up La Liga’s title, the club has always been a force to reckon with in European football. Real Madrid hasn’t assumed a conciliatory tone in the competition that has led them to the point of qualifying as a finalist, and they manage to fight their way to the verty top. Determined, Real Madrid laid waste to a number of respectable teams, including Bayern München, Paris Saint-Germain and the Italian lodestar of football, Juventus.

Real, A Dangerous Set-Up and a Tangible Weakness

Underestimating the prowess of Real would cost any foe dearly, and potentially a title. The flagship striker, Cristiano Ronaldo currently helms a team that has Isco, Marco Asensio and Karim Benzema supporting him.

The midfield is no less challenging for any team playing in the centre of the stadium. With players such as Casemiro, Toni Kroos, Mateo Kovacic, and Luka Modric, Real Madrid is equally dangerous in the transitionary point of the field as it is elsewhere.

Liverpool will need to focus on exploiting the defences of Real Madrid which have been known to give up in the past. If Liverpool musters up enough manpower to overcome the challenging midfield, then it will stand a good chance of scoring into Real Madrid’s post.

Admittedly, Real Madrid has performed somewhat better on the offensive. They have assumed a common strategy which puts their best players ahead while keep a strong roster in the back. However, their defence have been giving up on occasion, with the goalkeeper, Keylar Navas, running into misplays stemming from pressure.

Real Madrid, Overview:


  • Strong offensive and mid-field players
  • More experienced finalists
  • Have managed to bring their full roster onboard


  • The defence which tends to subside on occasion without warning


Liverpool Takes the Spotlight

Meanwhile, Liverpool’s Mohammed Salah has benefited a lot from his stay with Liverpool. Salah had been a known name before his arrival in Liverpool, but the stay with the team has forged him as the player we know him today. Salah is the one who will be able to exploit Real Madrid’s faltering defence and hopefully lead his team to a deserved, albeit difficult, victory.

A Deed of Tree

Liverpool sports an impressive trio on the offensive. With Salah, Firmino, and Sadio Mane definitely constituting a threat to Real Mardia’s goalpost. These three players have 29 goals between themselves, which puts them ahead of the previous Champions League record which Real Madrid setback in 2013 and 2014, with 28 scores.

One significant drawback for Liverpool may be the mid-fielders. With Jordan Henderson, Georginio Wijnaldum and James Milner finding themselves in the midst of the fray, they may struggle to keep up with the fast-paced game put forward by Real Madrid. However, this is not to say that Liverpool’s midfield play is weak. Only that it may struggle a bit up against that of Real Madrid.

Liverpool, Overview:


  • Strong offensive and defensive players
  • Better performance in terms of pure stats throughout the season
  • Strong goalkeeper


  • Mid-field may need some more attention to shine
  • Generally less experienced up against Real Madrid

The Overview

The match that will unfold in Kiev will be one of the most spectacular games in football history. Despite the pronounced weakness of both squads, the game promises to be a well-balanced derby which pits world-class players up against one another. With more than a mere chance to win Real Madrid will fight for the third consecutive UEFA title in its time whereas Liverpool will show them what a well-rounded team can do.

We will keep track of what is transpiring on the pitch in a bid to keep you informed. Kicking off on 26 May, the game in Kiev will be worth seeing. We have decided to prepare a concise guide to places where you can actually watch the game and also a betting guide for those of you who love to gamble. We hope that you will find our reads enjoyable and share in our love for football.