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Real Madrid Faces Off with Alaves: Where to Watch?

Real Madrid is facing off with Alaves in LaLiga tonight.

Real Madrid Faces Off with Alaves: Where to Watch?

Real Madrid is facing off with Alaves in LaLiga tonight. It will be a most exciting experience that we’d be quite thrilled to witness. Real Madrid aren’t going to top LaLiga this year by the looks of it, following some complications within the team. Let’s check out what’s going on.

Where to Watch Real Madrid vs Alaves


Here come two teams that are truly outstanding in their own right. Real Madrid have managed to gather some of the world’s most talented soccer players out there. Is it surprising then that they are in the Top 3 of the LaLiga.

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Real Madrid – The White Knights… Stagnate.


There is a lot of ego in Real Madrid. All of their players tend to be individualistic personalities who work well together, but still seem to be put in an internal strife. Still, the team’s performance isn’t bad at all. They’ve list 6 games so far (the highest in the Top 5) but the team also has 3 draws, with the other 12 games going in their favour.

Atletico Madrid, for example only lost 1 game so far in this season and Barcelona are second with 2.
In all sense of the word, tough, Real Madrid are quite capable to fight for themselves and this is evident based on their performance.

Meeting other good teams has also been part of the arrangement. And as such, Real Madrid are now taking on a truly strong team, Alaves.

Alaves Meet with Real Madrid to Settle Old Scores


Alaves have lost just as many times as Real Madrid in this season of LaLiga. However, in the head-to-head count, Real Madrid are way ahead of the curve, meaning that Alaves will have a very tough time catching up.

In the six games these two teams have met recently, 5 went in favour of Real Madrid, with just one back to Alves. We can see a trend. Question is, can we truly reverse the trend. It seems very unlikely. Real Madrid has real talent who are very determined and they do not like losing.

We all remember the World Cup and Ronaldo’s fairly dismissive attitude towards opponents. There is hubris there that could cost dearly if Alves manage to rally themselves and overcome the skilled Real Madrid players.

Prime Your Bets…


If you are into sports betting then you will surely know that Alaves have very slim chances of winning. Not even close, to be honest. But this shouldn’t discourage you from pursuing what you believe in and want to achieve. We advise you to truly give it a consideration.

Alaves aren’t going to lose always against Real Madrid, but their past 2 games were losses Before that, they managed a draw with Atletico and won a handful of games themselves. Every step of the way, however, there will be some new challenge to entertain and address that the team should be prepped up for.

This being said, your bets should probably back Real Madrid, but we doubt that there’ll be any real profit to get out of this. A draw is a possibility, but not one that we’d advise you to risk yourself.

Watch the Game In a Few!


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