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Paris Saint-Germain Meets Manchester United in UEFA

UEFA is quite the delightful league to behold.

Paris Saint-Germain Meets Manchester United in UEFA

UEFA is quite the delightful league to behold. It throws in the best of the best, and that’s always quite the spectacle to behold. The games we cover are the games you want to see. With some of the upcoming matches slated for next month, you surely are looking forward the return of UEFA.

Where to Watch Paris Saint-Germain vs Manchester United in February


Understandably, the game is still not anywhere near happening. There’s a lot of time until February 12, but it never hurts to check the teams, see how they’ve been performing and do our absolute best to be prepared – whether you are just a fan or a sports betting enthusiast.

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What’s the Form of the Teams?


The Red Devils have had plenty of woes back home. Playing against numerous English Premier League (EPL) teams and constantly slipping down, Manchester United saw Jose Mourinho leave. Many people have called for this before – and many more anticipated the move.

It wasn’t the Red Devils’ somewhat sub-par performance this year. It was Mr. Mourinho’s attitude towards his footballers, fans, the media, and opponents. He reminded opponents that he had won more trophies than they had put together.

It was a very poor moment for him indeed.

This being said, Manchester United are struggling. But they are still playing well enough in UEFA 2018/2019. They have so far raked in 3 victories, although the team had lost twice and achieved one draw, securing it second place in Group H behind the Italian powerhouse Juventus.

With this in mind, Manchester United haven’t exactly done their best, but they haven’t exactly floundered in the UEFA placing either.

Paris Saint-Germain – Quite the Team


Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) have been playing against the heavy guns of the English Premier League (EPL) and UEFA. PSG faced off with Liverpool, getting the better of the unbeatable squad. The Englishmen played a superb game indeed, and they managed to create many opportunities, just none that actually paid off in the end.

PSG did pull off 2 amazing goals which we must say were spot on. Liverpool reciprocated with one full point and they nearly had the score equated – were it not for a series of misfortunate event as it were.

Liverpool played quite outstanding, but PSG just didn’t yield all throughout the game – not enough in any case to allow their opponent to have at it.

Who Wins in the Red Devils vs. PSG?


Extrapolation would tell you that the Red Devils are in a very bad spot right now. It’s difficult to argue against this statement indeed. But there’s also the simple fact that in UEFA, Manchester United aren’t under so much pressure when it comes to proving themselves.

Quite the opposite – the built-up fear to perform is all but gone. This allows Manchester United to do what they do best – outplay their opponents. Knowing that an irate Mr. Mourinho won’t bark at you at the end of a game is also quite reassuring and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the successor of Mr. Mourinho, has been a tremendous job.

A true Norwegian himself, Mr. Solskjaer has a brilliant mind, a very smooth English, and a well-considered point to make. He’s picked quite a bit of the local accent, which makes him almost lovable.

He always gives credit to his footballers and his conferences are always marked by a meaningful analysis. All that the Red Devils have needed so far was a proper guidance untinged by personal vendetta. Mr. Solskajer has been doing an outstanding job, helping his team build confidence.

Final Thoughts – Which Team Will Really Win?


PSG have the upper hand, but Manchester United have finally found a proper manager. With the EPL to keep them busy, the Red Devils are building the confidence they would need to truly excel in their future clashes. We’re excited to see how the Red Devils will do in UEFA. In the meanwhile – remember that you don’t have to miss a single minute of the matches!