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Overview: Football on June 17

It’s June 17, and the World Cup continues at full bore.

Overview: Football on June 17

It’s June 17, and the World Cup continues at full bore. We saw Argentina go up against Iceland who has just debuted in the World Cup. The match finished as a tie, establishing Iceland as one of the forces to reckon with on the international football scene. Truly, we cannot say that Argentina is in their best shape. Messi cannot do it all himself, but still, Iceland has not had much experience with an international football derby. Let’s check the teams, including the champs from Brazil and Mexico!

On the plus side, Iceland has been playing together for a long time. One of the smallest nations on Earth, these chaps have a strong bond, and you can see this on the pitch. Anywho, today’s football derby promises to be just exciting. The heavyweights of football are now entering today’s spotlight and the football action promises to be awesome!

Who will be playing today? Costa Rica, Serbia, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, and Switzerland are all entering the football fray and we cannot wait to see these guys in action!

Costa Rica vs Serbia

Costa Rica is a dangerous enemy. They have won the majority of their opening World Cup matches and lost once to Germany with 4-2. Still, scoring twice against Germany is quite the feat and Serbia should definitely be on edge.

Serbians are a great sporting nation, on the other hand. They have done well in a number of sports, indeed. However, they have somewhat shyer on the international football scene of late. Aleksandar Prijovic from Serbia is one of the team stars who will fight for their country’s prominence on the international football stage.

Yes, it may seem that we have little to say about this derby. Personally, I plump for Serbia, albeit Costa Rica are most likely the ones who will be winning this match and there’s little that can be done to change the odds at this point. Still, here goes hoping that Serbia will be victorious.

Mexico vs Germany

The game of the defending champions has arrived. It could not have been any different. Both teams will compete in a bid to notch up a victory and continue. It’s understandable why they ended up in the same group, albeit we would have liked to see them play a bit differently and face other teams.

However, the match promises to be a fantastic piece of football action. I still think that Spain and Portugal did provide us with an opportunity to watch the best game this World Cup, but we will see what happens today!

The game will be so promising that all we need to do at this point is just sit down and wait for it to commence. Let’s take a look at the last contenders for the day in the meanwhile, though!

Switzerland vs Brazil

Switzerland is a marvellous team. They have been able to reach the final phase on multiple occasions as well. They are a dangerous team with sufficient football savvy to make their opponents uneasy. We plump heavily for them because they have proven to be one of the most respected teams coming from a fairly small country, which is the reason for all the more praise.

Meanwhile, Brazil is – you know, one of the best world teams alongside Germany. They have exhibited remarkable prowess throughout the years and have managed to stay in the game for 70 years as one of the top teams in the world!

Nobody really knows what makes Brazil so good. People in the country just seem to be born being better at the beautiful game. We will certainly see Bazil press the attack against Switzerland, but if Switzerland manages to handle this opponent as early in the race as this, we can expect the country to have a bright future up ahead.

The Goals and the Misses

We expect all games today to be intense, fast-paced and to come along with plenty of goals. It would be unlikely to have the monotonous drone of no-goal games. With this in mind, all eyes will be focused on the champions, but if you like to take a punt, then you may be secretly plumping for the rest. Meanwhile, we remind you about the odds of outright winners:

  • Brazil 9/2
  • Germany 9/2
  • France 11/2
  • Spain 6/1
  • Argentina 9/1
  • Belgium 11/1
  • England 16/1
  • Portugal 25/1
  • Uruguay 25/1
  • Croatia 28/1
  • Colombia 33/1
  • Poland 50/1
  • Russia 50/1
  • Denmark 100/1
  • Mexico 100/1
  • Switzerland 100/1
  • Egypt 150/1
  • Nigeria 150/1
  • Senegal 150/1
  • Serbia 150/1
  • Sweden 150/1
  • Peru 200/1
  • Iceland 250/1
  • Japan 250/1
  • Costa Rica 300/1
  • Morocco 300/1
  • South Korea 400/1
  • Australia 500/1
  • Iran 500/1
  • Tunisia 750/1
  • Panama 1000/1
  • Saudi Arabia 1000/1