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Matches on June 28 – Recap

Yesterday’s football derby on June 27 was a bit of a surprise.

Matches on June 28 – Recap

Yesterday’s football derby on June 27 was a bit of a surprise. Nobody could have predicted the results such as they ended up being. The primed leaders, Sweden and Germany, suffered embarrassing debacles which saw Germany execute some far-fetched last-moment offensive and Mexico succumb to the inexorable push of Sweden.

Long story short, Mexico lost 0-3 to Sweden and Germany lost 0-2 to South Korea, arguably the weakest team in the in the Group F. However, the surprises continued with Costa Rica putting up a great fight against Switzerland. We saw Switzerland lead the way only to concede a draw in the end.

Perhaps the only thing that went the way we expected was the match which had Brazil defeat Serbia 2-0. No surprises there, although we hardly are counting our blessings on this one, given the most surprising turn of events up until now.

Games on June 28 – What’s Coming Up?

Today’s Group H games will definitely be interesting. Instead of giving you any odds you may use to bet with, I will keep my own predictions to myself lest I make a fool out of myself again. Now, Senegal and Colombia have both fielded rather decent national squads. We estimate that the match will be a very much neck-and-neck race.

Another interesting skirmish will take place between Japan and Poland. Both teams were primed to play well, but it appears that only Japan has managed the feat. Poland is on its way out of the group and the World Cup after conceding defeats to every time it has gone up against. In today’s match, though, it’s unlikely that Poland will manage any better, given its track record. Is it possible for the team to bounce back and take Japan by storm? We will see in about one hour!

Group G at Full Tilt

England and Belgium are at the helm of Group G. The two teams are the favourites of the group and before long we will see the pair meet and establish who the leader is. Belgium has long been said to be the underdog, not only of the group but of the overall competition. Together with England, both countries have won twice. Now one team will have to concede defeat and take second place, which is not all too bad. I am rooting for Belgium, but I have a clear sweet spot for England. In the end, what matters for me is how people behave on the field, not only how many goals they score. For none other than this reason, I will have a very difficult time liking Portugal, for example.

Meanwhile, Panama and Tunisia will both have to roughen it against each other. The two countries have no chances of going ahead, but they will at least fight for their honour, as it is. It’s difficult to take a punt on who will win this match, and for that reason alone I will refrain from making any final guesses about the game.

With this in mind, we now have a slightly better picture of what’s in store for us today. We don’t expect any major shifts and England and Belgium will definitely be the most important derby today.

For personal reasons, I will be equally interested in seeing what happens to Poland. I don’t expect that the team will brush up on their game in a heartbeat, but it would be worth witnessing the football action first hand. The bookies are giving this match as a draw and expect that both Belgium and England will be scoring in the upcoming derby. Let’s see what transpires next.

The money lines as per CBS right now are:

Group G

England -150

Belgium +115

Group H

Japan +135

Colombia +185

Senegal +225

This suggests that England has the better chances of winning the game, but we will continue to root strongly for Belgium as well. Poland has been left out of the predictions whether by mistake or because it may not be worth staking any money on the team at this point.

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