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Match Preview: West Ham vs Brighton, EPL

Brighton and West Ham are going to face each other in the upcoming match today, Friday, October 5, 2018.

Match Preview: West Ham vs Brighton, EPL

Brighton and West Ham are going to face each other in the upcoming match today, Friday, October 5, 2018. The game will pit Brighton against a team that has definitely been showing its qualities. Big World Sports will again help you follow the news with our Live Score option and Live Streaming solutions.

The upcoming match between Brighton and West Ham is one of the matches that takes place at the lower echelons of the English Premier League (EPL). And yet, West Ham have been showing quite the dedication when it comes to tackling the best teams in the competition. The recent performance against Chelsea and Manchester United have been quite commendable.

To think that West Ham would have ever performed so well has never been anyone’s guess. However, the team’s qualities are now starting to show. What could this mean for everyone who’s facing them now?

Brighton – Trouble Is Looming

Brighton definitely have a tough match coming up ahead of them. Their own performance hasn’t been so bad, though. They’ve mostly managed to end up tied after matches against Fulham and Southampton. In both cases, Hampton performed really rather well, although the end result was a draw in both cases.

This is not to say that Brighton lack qualities. Rather, the teams were equally matched. The team only faltered against Manchester City, which was honestly an expected development that didn’t surprise people much.

A mild loss to Tottenham, though, still revealed that Brighton is not quite so prepared to take on the big names in the championship. But what does this mean for the team’s match against West Ham – probably everything.

West Ham have themselves been dismantling some of the best teams in the EPL, including Manchester and Chelsea. In both cases, we saw a game that surprised by quite a bit. Manchester lost with 3-1 whereas Chelsea couldn’t penetrate West Ham’s goal, not once.

In the case of Manchester, though, this may have been their own doing as Jose Mourinho has ungraciously fallen from his status of a leader, transforming himself into a petulant brat instead. It needed to be said, we should think.

West Ham- They Are Ready

West Ham in the meanwhile are completely prepared to take on Brighton. They do believe that they stand a chance to overwhelm the Blues, but the truth of the matter is that West Ham may have had too much of a confidence boost just now.

West Ham are definitely in top form, which will allow them to compete quite a bit more confidently when push comes to shove. There will be quite a lot to consider when it comes to tailoring their game, but with their most recent performance they have rather little to fear from Brighton.

Brighton only won one of their EPL games, which puts their team in a rather unfavorable spot, too. Still, Brighton are almost equally matched to West Ham, despite their performance. There’s also a certain mindset that goes hand-in-hand when two nearly equally matched teams get to play against each other.

West Ham may have out-done themselves in the games up against Chelsea and Manchester, but the facts stand as they are – West Ham and Brighton are nearly equally matched.

The Full Match Preview

Big World Sports also likes to heed the advice of others. We have Big Hopes for West Ham, but so do our colleagues from NBC Sports who have offered their own authentic take on what has been happening with the teams and how their game will pen out.

Whether NBC Sport turns out to be right we will find soon enough! Tomorrow, West Ham meets Brighton and the game will determine whether West Hammers will continue to climb the ladder board or they will indeed meet their makers in the face of Brighton.