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Manchester United vs. Leicester

The upcoming match tonight between the teams of Manchester and Leicester will definitely cause some buzz and excitement.

Manchester United vs. Leicester

The upcoming match tonight between the teams of Manchester and Leicester will definitely cause some buzz and excitement. And we are here to cover it. The upcoming match will take place at 20:00 BST, and it will draw huge crowds at Old Trafford. And now here comes our review of the upcoming football derby.

Manchester the Unbreakable


It’s most unfortunate that Leicester will be playing on Old Trafford, the bastion of Manchester. They, i.e. Manchester have long gone undefeated here. In fact, they haven’t lost a single English Premier League at their home turf and this should be definitely the soul-crushing moment for the whole Leicester lot.

But they are not as intimidated as people would normally expect them to be. The reason? Manchester had a rather poor pre-season run. The club’s manager Jose Mourinho has been particularly hectic this season, which is not quite normal for a manager of his stature.

Since, Manchester have proven largely unbreakable and nobody knows how the team has managed to falter in so many of its recent games. Still, a fair assessment of the game will show that players couldn’t quite find their feet after the World Cup. Mr. Mourinho is undetermined whether he should the World Cup stars or work for a team that will play better together.

And sources say that even today he’s still undecided how to play. However, the hour is growing late and he will definitely have to come up with a final decision about his final players on the pitch.

Leicester – The Subdued Leader


Leicester also have great chances of making history. History of defeating Manchester United on their home turf. True, you may argue that the Red Devils are hard from their best form and that wouldn’t be fair, but it is what football is all about. Teams take advantage of their opponents’ weaknesses and bank on them in terms of solid points.

Climbing the ladder board is of course a greasy pole – you go up, you go down. Leicester are likely to draw with Manchester if things go well for them. A victory is little anticipated, but not ruled out completely.

Then again, we could see a Manchester United that is a heaving giant toppling everything in their way. What are the odds of this happening? When researching the Internet, we checked SkySport odds, pinpoint Manchester as the likely winner with 2-0.

Isn’t that a bit of a wishful thinking right there? Not everyone is quite willing to say so. Manchester are still the high-performing team that has quite a few titles to their name.

Looking at the Chances for a Victory


Because they have been flagging in their efforts to stay on top, though, it’s difficult to support Man United outright as we would have a year back, for example. The recent decline is definitely not the most refreshing development and it’s something that merits further scrutiny.

But more than that, we also should decide how to place our wagers tonight. Have you? And if so what have you done?

We don’t think Sky Sport are entirely in the wrong. For the most part, I am running a 1-0 for Manchester United and trust me when I say this – I am not a fan of the Red Devils, mostly because of the hype they get.

Still, I am not the gleeful type who will be quite smug when the team is having their hard spell. It happens to every team. It happened to Chelsea a few years back, too. And nobody really knows why the same players under deft leadership tend to flounder on occasion. Whatever the reasons, though , it’s happening all throughout the history of football.

If we look at things more globally, then we will see that Brazil and Germany are nowhere to be seen on the world stage of football, which is flabbergasting. France, on the other hand is a good example of how a team can continuously be reaping successes.

Whether success will be bestowed upon Manchester United or Leicester tonight we will see in the matter of hours.

Until then, take a few careful punts, cross your fingers and hope your team will win. All I can say at this point is Go Leicester!