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Manchester United Losses in an Embarrassing 3-1 to West Ham

Manchester United are facing West Ham as we speak.

Manchester United Losses in an Embarrassing 3-1 to West Ham

Manchester United are facing West Ham as we speak. It’s the most bizarre game we have seen. West Ham, the team that has been struggling to even stay in the English Premier League have had a fantastic week and this shows. Oh, how it shows. The current debacle of Manchester United is indicatory enough. Gone is the fire that made Manchester United be recognized as one of the fearsome teams out there.

The First Half Hurt Manchester United! 2-0 for West Ham


Believe it or not, West Ham opened against Manchester United. Felipe Anderson managed to deliver the ball in United’s own goal and the result stood at 1-0 to the general dismay of Mourinho and his footballers. Morale was visibly low and West Ham’s fans’ roar has been deafening.

Following the goal, things seemed to go overwhelmingly in favor of West Ham. Manchester United seemed to be unanimated obstacles on the field for West Ham to dispose of as they see fit. At this point, dark clouds started gather over the Red Devils whose performance had been lagging.

In the early stages of the match, the ball remained nearly 80% controlled by West Ham, allowing Manchester United no opportunity for counter-attacks other than temporarily stave off an attack and send it back to West Ham. At the 23rd minute, Lukaku managed to hit a post, which had Man United fans on their feet, but alas, a goal never followed.

At the end of the first half things seemed to be nearly done for Manchester United and the teams were ready to withdraw for the half-time brake. Only West Ham had something different in mind, scoring a yet another goal in the 43rd minute and sending Manchester United all dispirited into the half-time. Mourinho was visibly subdued.

Second Half – Not Much Different

The second half was definitely not much different for either team. Manchester United started again poorly although they rushed up in an attempt to control the ball. West Ham are again pressing the attack.

West Ham were continuing with their explosive counter-attacks. West Ham were dangerous. Felipe Anderson had been quite the forward player indeed. Manchester United decided to change two footballers in the 70th minute, adding Fred and Juan Mata to replace Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial respectively.

Shortly after, Marcus Rashford manages to get one point back into West Ham’s goal and casts a slightly better score for Manchester United at 2-1 now! A perfect backheel from Rashford that eluded Fabianski’s attempts to stop it.

A third goal for West Ham from Arnautovic settles it completely. It’s 3-1 and the game is over and so is probably Jose Mourinho’s career. It’s been a great victory for West Ham who have just pulled one of the most incredible feats in the club’s recent history.

Dominating over one of the top teams in the League is just a commendable and brilliant achievement in its own right. Why and how did Manchester allowed themselves to be caught in this spot nobody knows, but coming back out of it will be difficult.