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Manchester City Takes on Southampton on Sunday!

Manchester City vs Southampton is going to be a match that will most likely crush the hopes of one of team and entertain the other to a few quick easy points.

Manchester City Takes on Southampton on Sunday!

Manchester City vs Southampton is going to be a match that will most likely crush the hopes of one of team and entertain the other to a few quick easy points. Come what may, however, it’s well worth exploring the offer in its entirety. There will be quite a few things to do, too, when you want to move into picking the team that stands the best chances to win.

And when we do consider this, it’s also worth considering the teams playing, too. Southampton have played poorly, but not because they are a weak team. However, next to Manchester City, the might just look it.

The Game and Where to Watch – It Matters a Lot!

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Who Will Win – Man City or Southampton

You may not take us very seriously when you hear us debate that and we understand. The bottom line is that Southampton don’t have any chance. If they mange to pull a draw, that would be a commendable feat that will definitely merit the admirations of their fans and opponents.

With the game drawing to a start on November 4, nobody is surprised that Southampton are concerned about their upcoming match But even then, the team doesn’t really have to worry much about anything, as they will be allowed to quickly and reliable reciprocate any close action.

By this we mean of course the offensive potential of Southampton. They may seem humbled by the stature of Manchester United, but quite the opposite – they are a bit of a loose cannon, which means that you can quickly see them coming back into the game with a few great quick plays.

But is this going to happen? Many people say that it’s quite impossible and to be fair – this is not far from the truth. If Southampton are to really dominate the entire field, they will have to put superhuman strength which will in turn lead them all the way to the top of the EPL, because – let’s face it, what other development could help Southampton reach the summits if not winning by some incredible effort?

Betting on the Game


Well, if we thought that the game between Crystal Palace and Chelsea was a bit off, you would be surprised to actually find out that there is no “off” here. All bookmakers are backing Manchester City and there are no wowed faces.

Everybody knows that Southampton stands zero chance of actually scoring a victory. This is easy to guess by the team’s current performance. Don’t get us wrong. Southampton have the qualities to give Manchester City a proper scare, but they don’t have what it takes to put them out of the race once and for all. This takes quite a bit of effort on the part of other teams that have tried and failed.

This being said, we can see many reasons why nobody should actually try betting on Southampton as the likely winners here. Simply – do not do it.

Now that this has bene settled though, we can move on to the more important things! Where to watch the game? It’s quite simple in fact – you get to watch it here, on our website. If you are eager to get to watch all EPL games, you will be excited to find out all you need in the stream below or up in our dedicated section!