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Arsenal Vs. Manchester City: Where to watch?

Manchester City are facing Arsenal today.

Arsenal Vs. Manchester City: Where to watch?

Manchester City are facing Arsenal today. Wondering where to watch the game? You’ve come to the right place. We will quickly catch you up on all available streams and you can also enjoy yourself by quite a fair bit browsing our stats and live data!

Manchester City Vs. Arsenal: Where to watch?


It’s almost time to watch and enjoy the game everyone. But before we even head out to do jus that, you will perhaps wonder where you can watch it – and more importantly, how.

Let’s face it -for many of you, spots bars are the ultimate solution. Oh, yes. These places are where all the action is really going to take off at. So, if you want to watch it offline, you can go to the bar with your mates.

However, at our website we offer you a slightly different solution which will really help you get to the place where you can watch he game and enjoy all your home’s comforts.

We mean of course – live streams. As you’ve noticed, we offer multiple live streams, which means that no game will ever go unnoticed. Our service specializes in achieving exactly that. We will help you always, always get hold of a stream of your favorite game, and that’s all we have to say.

You can:

  • Go to the dedicated live streaming section
  • Or simply scroll down to the bottom of the page where a stream already awaits

In any event, you will see that it’s surprisingly easy to do whatever you please and want to do. Now, let’s get down to the analysis of the game.

Are the Gunners Outgunned?


Arsenal have had a tough spell. They are still 5th in the overall standing, but a month or so ago they faced off Liverpool losing with the whopping 5-1. That was an embarrassing defeat, many would agree and we understand why it’s definitely not something that sits well with Arsenal.

However, the team are determined to perform better which is truly commendable, as it should be. With this in mind, we ought to ask ourselves – what are the main challenges ahead of arsenal right now? We’d say:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Breaches in the defence of the team

Analysing the last few games of Arsenal, Liverpool is their lowest point. Losing 5-1 was absolutely unacceptable anyone would agree. Then, Arsenal lost to West Ham with a single point but they did.

Since then, they’ve been somewhat better, but they still let their enemies get to their goalie and score. They played an amazing game against Chelsea, managing to secure 2 goals in their net, which was a blessing indeed.

Beyond that, though, facing off Cardiff, Arsenal allowed a goal in their net and only barely one with a single point difference. As you can imagine, that’s rather unacceptable as well.

So, Arsenal have been struggling with their own problems, and we can understand this. However, they must find their foothold again or they would risk being left at the mercy of teams that are truly prepared to challenge them.

Manchester City – Trouble Looming


Speaking of powerful teams, you can imagine that Manchester City are really prepared to take on any enemy right now. This means that many teams that face Manchester City tend to end up rather badly.

It’s understandable. Man City are neck-and-neck with Liverpool for the title. Each game counts and the blues do know this. They are quite the unstoppable machine and many teams yield before them. Given how badly Arsenal performed against Liverpool, Man City have a reason to believe that they can best the Gunners easily.

But this would be a grave mistake. One thing that all teams in the EPL must have learnt by now is to never underestimate your opponents. If you do, you risk being tossed out of the competition in the most unbelievable way possible.

This is what comes with underestimating opponents. Man City, though, are accomplished enough to know to never look down on an opponent, especially a team that will certainly be one of the strongest in the entire competition.

True. By now, Arsenal are really somewhat behind, but the fact is they will try their best. If they do manage to defeat Manchester City, that would be an amazing feat. The match that will follow today is quite the spectacle and we’re certain of that.

We’ll just remind you to quickly refer to our pages if you want to catch live streams and more. Don’t miss out on your chance right now!