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Man City and Epsilon Gaming Sign Up Partnership

Manchester City has become the latest team in the English Premier League to sign for the big honors.

Man City and Epsilon Gaming Sign Up Partnership

Manchester City has become the latest team in the English Premier League to sign for the big honors. Apart from signing up for the latest esports event with EA’s FIFA 19, the team now struck a mighty partnership with Epsilon Gaming – yes, a gaming team.

If you think gaming has no place in the world of football, you are rather in the wrong, as the continuous sponsorships and deals between mainstream FCs, including those of the EPL, and gaming houses continues to carry on at full blast.

The newest deal to strike between Man City and Epsilon gaming exemplifies just that.

Why Man City Is Fan of Video Games?

It’s simple really. Video games make brands known. In the case of Man City, it’s an opportunity to a young segment and audience, which will make it quite possible for the team to benefit from fresh blood signing up to watch games.

Now, the only wrinkle is that converting esports fans into football fans could be rather difficult. And yet, Manchester City have been particularly great at keeping a great profile in the world of esports.

Their light approach of endorsement and respect towards gamers has definitely won them sympathies and allowed them to be recognized as an esports brand on top of being an established football club as well.

With this in mind, Man City have quite presciently decided to partner with what can only be called one of the powerhouses of the esports world, Epsilon Gaming. Man City will not veer off the true path, as they will field a joint-team with Epsilon into the Gfinity Elite Series for FIFA 19, staying with a game that has to do with the mainstream sport Man City represent.

Epsilon and City’s own rosters will join forces and try to perform well at the Gfinity Series, similarly to the team’s performance in the English Premier League right now.

Esports and Football Clubs – Common Points?

There is quite a bit between the two types of organizations – not least of all in the way they are run as businesses. With this in mind, you will quickly realize that the monetary side of things is a great driver and motivator in the world of football.

But we shouldn’t cheapen the prowess of actual gamers and footballers either. Paris Saint-Germain performed quite outstandingly in their short stint so far as an esports powerhouse, after teaming up with LGD, a Chinese selection of top-esports gamers.

Finishing second at one of the most expensive tournaments in history, the Dota 2 The International, the team has shown that there is a lot of merit in competing in esports. With this in mind, the latest partnership with Manchester City is a clever move for the future if anything else.

Gregory Champagne, Chief Executive Officer at Epsilon eSports, said:

“I am thrilled that we have formed this exciting partnership with the English Premier League Champions and prestigious club Manchester City. Together, we will push ourselves in the Elite Series and engage our fans in exciting new ways.

Players will wear the renowned sky blue jersey of Manchester City eSports while we nourish and support them through our latest FIFA Training Program, enhancing their abilities as pro players.”

This and more will determine how Man City will move into the future. They don’t intend to give up on football – oh, by god – no, but some analysts ominously warn that esports will in fact outstrip mainstream sports, even football in terms of popularity.

It’s definitely a smart and worth-it move to get involved with a segment that commands viewership as immensely large as that of soccer, for example.

We don’t yet cover esports, but it’s well worth noting what the tournament hosts that Man City signed up for had to say, notably:

“Congratulations to Epsilon and Manchester City on joining forces for Elite Series 4, FIFA 19. It is another great example of the convergence of the real world and the digital world. The partnership will drive even greater global interest in the competition. The bar has been raised yet again and that is great for Elite Series fans,” as stated by Bryan Healy, Chief Strategy Officer at Gfinity.