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Lucas Moura wins EPL Player of the Month Award

Surprisingly, at the end, it wasn’t Liverpool’s player who got the EPL’s Player of the Month award in August.

Lucas Moura wins EPL Player of the Month Award

Surprisingly, at the end, it wasn’t Liverpool’s player who got the EPL’s Player of the Month award in August. The team that won was a minnow-turned-behemoth. Enter Tottenham Hotspurs and Lucas Moura along with them. The former PSG player has managed to carve a name for himself in the highly-competitive world of the English Premier League.

And to be quite honest, he has been doing an amazing job of keeping his side up. With four appearances in this season, he has managed to score three points in favour of his team, which is a remarkable feat in its own right. Of course, at 5th place, Tottenham are hardly the team that is slated to tackle the summits of the EPL.

Let’s face it – competition from Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, and even Watford F.C. has been growing and definitely shaping up as an impediment to future progress. Nobody can be quite certain if the success of Tottenham will finish with the distinction of a single player.

Tottenham Hotspurs Big Achievement

For better or for worse, Tottenham have been in the focus of the news around the English Premier League (EPL). There is no denying that the team will definitely stand a fair chance to make a difference.

With the excellent victory over Manchester United, Tottenham have definitely been known to create situations for themselves, allowing them to shine in the overall competition. No small part of this has been thanks to Lucas Moura. Why you may wonder?

Simply because Harry Kane is no longer quite so lonely on the terrain. He is supported by Mucao whose own abilities rival that of Kane. And while some will be quick to point out that Kane is in Tottenham and not in, say Chelsea or Liverpool, the home-born talents are as strong as ever.

Binging his Brazilian savvy and energy, Mucao is also quite prepared to make a change in the fortunes of the team. Of course, it’s all hard work, even if Tottenham have definitely had a bit in the way of luck as well.

With all of this considered, it’s quite obvious that Tottenham Hotspurs have a long way to go still. Even then, they have managed to keep up against strong teams, even if Arsenal and Manchester have both known their diminishing results in recent months.

Both teams have been heavily criticised that they may not continue to show the level of play they have been demonstration. The reason? No EPL team that has such steady investment streams should be experiencing the type of difficulties that Man United and Arsenal are having.

An Award Pointing at the Future

The success of Moura  is also success for Tottenham. Quite naturally, the footballer’s distinction reflects the prowess of the team to channel its footballers and play together. For instance, Manchester United’s recent debacle along with that of fellow Arsenal has been segregation – footballers within the team do play based on inner circles which is unacceptable for soccer players who are playing at the highest level and trying to win the highest and most prestigious title.

The duo Kane-Moura has been so successful that it has overcome any cultural or any-type-there-of stereotype. Moura has been netting as many points as Kane himself and following the teams’ fortunes, Kane is all the happier for it.

Tottenham Spurs’ successes though may be coming to an end, because they are now in the upper-segment of the competition. This means continuous matches against better-skilled opponents.

Following the break, they will face off Liverpool. Ideally, they will want to defeat the group’s leaders, although this may prove a challenge. A draw with that team could mean that they maintain their position, but it’s really the second-best scenario.

Many people expect Liverpool to completely dismantle the team, but that’s something for the future to see. The game between Liverpool and Tottenham is taking place on September 15, right after the short EPL break.

With this in mind, it’s quite possible to see a sudden change of the fortunes of teams. Should Liverpool lose, a new leader will emerge. If Tottenham lose their initiative and allow Liverpool to crush them, though, this could be a heavy blow for the team’s morale, too.