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Liverpool Wins 1-0 over Brighton

It’s definitely time to pay some attention to the developments out there.

Liverpool Wins 1-0 over Brighton

It’s definitely time to pay some attention to the developments out there. The EPL is blasting ahead and nobody really knows what’s going to happen. Manchester City got a draw against Wolves. Who would have thought indeed! And things aren’t good for the team unless we see Liverpool flop in their game versus Brighton.

Brighton and Liverpool – A Point’s Lead

Conceding defeat is never easy and it’s the least pleasant thing that you could ever be asked to do. However, in the case of Brighton vs Liverpool, it seems like destiny. Brighton haven’t had the good fortune of defeating Liverpool in most of their matches. Today’s event may soon come to a similar closure.

With one point ahead, Liverpool are demonstrating confidence and patience. They are not in a hurry, they make no mistake. Their game is as streamlined as ever before. While Manchester City still crowns the English Premier League with 7 points, you just wait until Liverpool have wrapped up the game with Brighton.

The score is already going in favor of Liverpool. A point has been scored and while the half-time is afoot, fans can’t help but think that this is going to be a repeat of how most matches between the pair usually end up. There’s strong evidence to back up this claim, too.

What Does This Mean for Others?


Bournemouth had a rather unpleasant match with Everton. Both teams fought and they fought well, but not as gentlemanly as you may have hoped for. Red cards were issued for flaunting the rules and disrespecting footballers. Even if things got a little heated, it was still good food, with four total goals.

The exchange of points was quick and commendable. Bournemouth also conceded their first defeat and that’s something. They remain at the second place of the EPL, but if Liverpool wins their match, there will be a slight reshuffling. Meanwhile, Watford has done an excellent job, staying with 2 clear wins followed by Tottenham. Both teams seem well-poised to progress. Chelsea will have to hang in there and wait for a fair while before the next game comes for them, though.

Not too long, though, as Chelsea is slated to play Newcastle on Sunday, and we will definitely be looking towards this game. The Blues started really well and they are likely to keep their lead. Newcastle, in the meanwhile, are not an opponent to be trifled with. Even if Chelsea managed to teach Arsenal a rather embarrassing lesson, they will have to consider seriously Newcastle and the capabilities of the team to succeed.

Back from the Half-Time


Speaking of half-time, it’s difficult not to appreciate Brighton’s courage. The footballers know where this is probably going, but they are not quite willing to give up the ball yet. And things weren’t as dramatic as some may have expected. Quite the opposite in fact, with Brighton keeping their form and excellent plays.

Liverpool too found themselves rather pressed and they didn’t really come up with anything exceptional in the second half. There were a handful of exchanges, but nothing too dangerous coming either way.

On the other hand, Liverpool is now crowning the group with 9 points, ahead of Manchester City with 7. The reshuffling, of course, is slated to continue come what may. Chelsea stand a fair chance to be catching up, but it may take them a bit.

Liverpool has always bee one of the dominant forces in the league. Not only that, though, but the squad has repeatedly managed to stay ahead of the rest of the pack with dozens of points under their name.

Similar developments may be on the card. Of course, we will have to wait and see what the game with Chelsea will bring but overall the gods seem to favor good old Liverpool there.

Sunday is now coming at a full rush and we’ll see more exciting games coming down the pipeline. All of these are coming within 24 hours. On Monday, Big World Sports will present you with the full account of events and help you get a better understanding of the football madness that transpired right on your very screens on Sunday. Stay tuned for more exciting news.