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Liverpool vs Watford to Fight For Points in EPL

Liverpool are about to face a worthy opponent – enter Watford.

Liverpool vs Watford to Fight For Points in EPL

Liverpool are about to face a worthy opponent – enter Watford. The competition promises to be an interesting one, but the most likely winner out of this derby will be Liverpool. With this in mind, let’s look at the possibilities here.

Liverpool Faces Watford – Oh Boy!

Liverpool and Watford are going to face on November 24, playing in the English Premier League (EPL). The teams are definitely capable. Liverpool are arguably the best team this season, whereas Watford haven’t been doing half bad themselves.

However, Watford will now have to deal with quite the challenge in the face of their new opponents and this is no joke. Before we plunge into the details and specifics of the event, we were hoping that you would love to spend a few moments with us and talk about the live streaming options and live scores.

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Liverpool – In Top Form! 

Is there anyone out there that is capable of stopping Jurgen’s team? Nobody can be really certain when it comes to that. All that people know is that they are rather uncomfortable entertaining the idea that their favorite team could be facing off Liverpool.

Watford fans are not subdued though. Quite the opposite. They put great faith by their team, but Liverpool’s qualities are difficult to ignore. The team honestly constitutes a threat to any squad that come head to head with them.

They have gone undefeated for so long now that it’s quite difficult to think about them as anything but undefeatable squad. Seeing them deal with one challenge after another is definitely refreshing, especially if you are a Liverpool fan, but for the rest of us, it’s daunting.

Jurgen Klopp is always quite spot on when it comes to football and that wins him the affections of even the opponents. However, Watford need to batten down the hatches as it is!

Watford and the Trouble Ahead

Watford is aware of the trouble that lurks and the team will try to mount its full offensive to overcome Liverpool. However, they shouldn’t be complacent with the thought of barraging their opponents continually or they will end up losing quite a bit.

The team will have to try and advance its game while keeping in mind how dangerous Liverpool can be too. If there is any wonder if Watford can live up to the challenge that Liverpool presents, it’s a well-founded fear.

However, Liverpool shouldn’t be getting too complacent themselves. However, it’s not really in the team’s repertoire to be any of that, so it’s safe to assume that things will go rather splendidly for everyone involved indeed.

One team will dominate in the end, and it’s very likely to be Liverpool.

The Bookmakers Have a Say

The bookies are clearly throwing their support behind Liverpool, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone really, since that’s what they have been doing for a long, long while now. However, Liverpool are not as likely to win as some may think.

However, the odds are pricing Liverpool at 13/2 which means that they must feel really confident about the game. On the other game, Watford are 11/21, which means you can double any investment you make.

The question is whether you are prepared to make the investment yourself. And it’s a good question indeed given the associated challenge with overcoming Liverpool.

To be honest, we would really think twice before backing Watford at the bookmakers, although we will be cheering for them. Not because Liverpool doesn’t deserve support – they are just too good and can do well on their own.

But speaking about the financial end of things, you will definitely want to see yourself keep distance from any dangerous aspects of the entire endeavour.

So why not just open yourself a beer and enjoy the game? And if you are anything like me and don’t enjoy drinking in the slightest. You can still have quite a bit of fun watching the game on the telly.