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Liverpool vs Manchester City – The Game We All Want to See!

Liverpool are facing off Manchester City.

Liverpool vs Manchester City – The Game We All Want to See!

Liverpool are facing off Manchester City. Can we get a hallelujah? We’ve been waiting for this match for a long while now! Two teams at the summits of the English Premier League. Speculating which one will win is futile, because both teams are outstanding in their game. Both teams can pull incredibly plays and they probably will!

So what do we expect to happen in the upcoming game? Not too sure, not too sure. Both teams have been carrying themselves with remarkable composure. It seems to us that Manchester City has let a few balls more in its own goal whereas Liverpool have been completely unapologetic in their pursuit of victory.

Many a team has crumbled before the skilled footballers from Liverpool. This may not repeat itself on Sunday, though. Let’s first consider where we can get to watch the game and then worry about the rest. Well, Go Football TV is definitely not impartial when it comes to your comfort.

That’s why we suggest that you check several goodies we have prepared for you:

All of these will help you prepare yourself for the upcoming match. Now, let’s look what we can expect from the match itself. There are quite a few things to consider here. Let’s dive into it.

A Perfect Score to Unsettle


It couldn’t have been any better than that. Two teams that are so uniquely matched in skill and ambition that bystanders are seriously asking themselves if a draw wouldn’t be the most logical outcome.

After all, is it possible for any of these teams to lose? Don’t ask us – we know Liverpool have had the somewhat better game, but we wouldn’t mind seeing Manchester City carry on and tackle the complete field of contesters.

The hours to the match are not as many and yet we feel anxious to see what will happen at the end. Can anyone blame us? We are sure that even if you aren’t football fan, you will be just aching to see this game and make sure that we are past that worry.

Whatever your inclination, you will definitely won’t deny the qualities of either of the teams that are going to play tomorrow.

Sunday 4.30pm Sky Sports Premier League



Venue Anfield

Last season Liverpool 4 Manchester City 3

Referee Martin Atkinson

Odds H 6-4 A 9-5 D 5-2



Subs from Mignolet, Clyne, Matip, Lovren, Fabinho, Keïta, Sturridge, Moreno, Shaqiri, Solanke, Origi, Jones, Camacho, Phillips, Lallana, Markovic, Grabara

Doubtful Keïta (back)

Injured Oxlade-Chamberlain (knee, Aug)

Suspended None

Discipline Y7 R0


Leading scorer Mané 4



Subs from Muric, Foden, Stones, Mahrez, Díaz, Zinchenko, Gündogan, Jesus, Danilo, De Bruyne, Delph, Otamendi

Doubtful Gündogan (hamstring)

Injured Bravo (achilles, unknown)

Suspended None

Discipline Y5 R0


Leading scorer Agüero 5

Pondering the Implications – What’s Next Beyond the Big Game?


Arsenal and Chelsea will also play on Sunday. However, they won’t be facing each other. This Sunday will prove a godsend if you are a true fan of football at heart and love to spend time pondering the odds.

We recommend hopping over to the Guardian and seeing their excellent predictions of Chelsea and Arsenal against Southampton and Fulham respectively.

Now, back to the game of the big teams, there is certainly something to be thankful about. The most-eagerly anticipated pow-wow will take the world by a storm and we are quite eager to watch the game first-hand.

Of course, when it’s over we will feel a great vacuum, but this is the English Premier League (EPL) for you. There’s a lot of build-up and anticipation. Some small-timers really manage to hit it on the nose by defeating or in the very least – withstanding big teams (such as West Ham’s achievement over Manchester and Chelsea respectively).

Anticipating this event, it’s worth noting down that if you can’t really expect to be at home at all times there is a major game, so we want to remind you that you needn’t be.

What you can do is trust our live streams and enjoy the game as it’s meant to be! You don’t have to be at home, so no worries about that.