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Liverpool is playing Cardiff on 27 October

Good evening everyone and welcome back to our coverage of the English Premier League (EPL).

Liverpool is playing Cardiff on 27 October

Good evening everyone and welcome back to our coverage of the English Premier League (EPL). We all know why we are here, so let’s cut right to the chase and make sure that we get the most exciting bits of information about the upcoming matches, such as they are. We talk Liverpool versus Cardiff first, and while we want to see Cardiff win, this will be a nearly impossible feat for the blues.

The Blues Will Lose to Liverpool

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And so, we are here and this is now, and it’s really time to get into it.

Liverpool – Perhaps the Game Will Be Easy

If Liverpool are thinking about having an easy game, the they are in luck, because Cardiff cannot realistically put much of a fight. Liverpool are more than likely to roll over the team and be quite unapologetic about the way they do it.

Apparently, Liverpool are after the trophy and this will definitely not be too difficult to accomplish in the first place, as they are making a very dedicated push towards the summit of the League. They are neck-and-neck with Manchester City for the title and there is a looming Chelsea that is trailing them with just a wee bit in points, but nonetheless a strong opponent when it comes down to performance.

The odds are definitely stacked in favor of Liverpool though and there is no denying that.

Saturday 3pm

Venue Anfield

Last season n/a

Referee Stuart Attwell

This season G4 Y18 R0 4.5 cards/game

Odds H 2-17 A 28-1 D 21-2


Subs from Mignolet, Shaqiri, Sturridge, Clyne, Matip, Alexander-Arnold, Fabinho, Moreno, Solanke, Origi, Jones, Camacho, Phillips

Doubtful None

Injured Henderson (hamstring, 3 Nov), Keïta (hamstring, 3 Nov), Oxlade-Chamberlain (knee, May)
Suspended None

Discipline Y10 R0


Leading scorers Mané, Salah 4


Subs from B Murphy, Smithies, Richards, Hoilett, Paterson, Madine, Cunningham, Harris, Connolly, Damour, Coxe, Brown

Doubtful Madine (ill)

Injured Mendez-Laing (knee, Dec), Peltier (shoulder, Dec), Ralls (knee), Ward (knock, both unknown)

Suspended Ralls (second of three)

Discipline Y13 R1


Leading scorer J Murphy 2

The Decisive Leg for Cardiff

Even if Cardiff are grossly underwhelmed by their upcoming match with Liverpool, this will definitely not be reason for them to despair. Cardiff definitely will want to pull off a miracle here. And just imagine – what if they actually manage to get to the point where they are upending the balance of the star and quite easily sending Liverpool down a notch.

It would be definitely something to be hopeful and thankful about if you are a fan. You can definitely get some pretty decent results if you are a Cardiff fan. And it was even more interesting when the team’s official press conference was actually couched in the words “I think we can cause trouble.”

If Cardiff truly manage to pull that one off, then they will most definitely have caused quite a bit of trouble. Taking down Liverpool or even having a draw with them would be huge, both for the club but also for the other teams at the top of the English Premier League who are waiting for their strong opponents to slip and slip quickly.

With this in mind, we are definitely going to be tuning in to the streams and switch on the tellies to enjoy the game on Saturday. It’s quite the decent coverage that’s coming up.