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Liverpool and Tottenham – What We Need to Know

Tottenham and Liverpool will clash this upcoming weekend.

Liverpool and Tottenham – What We Need to Know

Tottenham and Liverpool will clash this upcoming weekend. They will definitely have a lot at stake. Following their defeat from Watford, Tottenham will seek a victory, but can they achieve it against a team that hasn’t lost a single game over the last 6 ones.

Liverpool’s Past is a Success

Liverpool has a massive record of success. The team may not have been destroying its opponents, defeating Leicester with mere 2-1 in its last game, but it has been keeping a steady record. Brighton lost to Liverpool with one goal, Crystal Palace were defeated at 2-0. West Ham suffered a rather more embarrassing loss at 4-0 and in two friendly matches against Torino and Napoli, the team won 3-1 and 5-0 respectively.

Back to Tottenham, but this shouldn’t dispirit fans nor players just yet. There is still the memory of the respectable victories over Man United with 3-0 and Fulham with 3-1. It may be even argued that in most recent matches, Tottenham won rather more convincingly than did Liverpool.

Then again, Man United were really not playing at their best whereas Fulham also were notably struggling. Liverpool’s games were by far more balanced, which allowed for a more interesting game, even if the excitement of scoring points was missing most of the time.

As the odds stay, we can see that they favour both teams:

HOME 13/8  DRAW 13/5  AWAY 6/4.

This, we won’t lie is most certainly bizarre. Nobody is quite certain who will win by the looks of it and if you ask the bookmakers. Then again, such hesitation is almost ludicrous as it would signify that there is a pervasive insecurity over the fortunes of both teams.

But this is also a signal to be rather pleased. If Liverpool, the group leaders, can be challenged by a team that hasn’t been in the top bracket all the time, this is a sure-fire sign that things have been changing in the right direction, i.e. equating the overall level of competition in the EPL.

A Manager Who Speaks Up and Is Always Heard

Tottenham’s Mauricio Pochettino has been quite pleased with his team. He commented on the team’s performance and upcoming games:

“The feeling is impossible to explain because I waited a long time for this moment. I need to enjoy it but also to keep working because I believe I have much more to give and I’m sure we will have a successful season because we can, and I believe in my team-mates, I believe in this club. I want to deliver much more.”

“I worked a lot and very hard for this moment and I think the team had a great month with great games. I’m so happy because I know it’s not easy to win this trophy and it was a great month for me and also for the team.”

“For me, the Premier League is the toughest league in the world and to win a trophy like this, to be player of the month, it’s not easy. To be here now and to win this trophy gives me more motivation to keep working and to want more.”

“I don’t have much to say but thanks to God and to share this with my team-mates and with my family, and to keep working because this is only the beginning. We have a lot more in front of us, so I need to keep working and doing my best.”

Triumphing over Liverpool will be one of the most meaningful experiences in the history of Watford. Liverpool will be of course grossly taken aback if such events come to actual pass, but in football everything is possible as long as there is the will to win.

Liverpool need yet another victory to consolidate their leadership, but they shouldn’t get too complacent with their present track record because it may play them a pricey trick. Who then is going to win the game?

Tottenham have a lot at stake. Liverpool can afford a loss. But both teams know that it’s not points that count. It’s honour and the ability to prove oneself in the championship. So, we are more than likely to see both teams do their absolute best to overcome impossible odds and be part of the competition at the highest level.