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Liverpool and Arsenal Fight for the EPL

Liverpool haven’t won the cup in quite a while.

Liverpool and Arsenal Fight for the EPL

Liverpool haven’t won the cup in quite a while. In fact, it’s been 29 years. They have been winning plenty of other competitions, of course but the EPL has been a sweet and elusive victory at the same time. And so, Liverpool are all gearing up for their match against Arsenal. What can we expect out of the outcome?

Liverpool the Unstoppable and Arsenal the Defiant

We’re not sure yet, but Liverpool seems to be unbeatable. Hosting Arsenal will give them even more confidence against The Gunners. Meanwhile, Arsenal have been recovering from a rough spell. They haven’t really had that much in the way of success this season, but they are definitely not struggling as much as fans initially thought they would be.

Unai Emery who replaced Arsene Wenger in September has been working hard to restore the trust of the team’s fan in him after suffering a handful of defeats from unlikely opponents. We can safely say that this trust has been safely restored.

Liverpool have been in an exceptional form, however. The team managed to secure a victory against Newcastle in what can be described as a complete drubbing. Liverpool have been additional reinforced by important signings such as Virgil van Dijk and goalkeeper Alisson, who have been the necessary fresh blood into the team.

And it has been paying off. Liverpool are completely undefeated. It’s scary. How does a team play against the best teams in the world and never loses a match for months on end?

Some believe that familiarity has a lot to do with it. I.e. teams know each other full too well, but Liverpool is surpassing its expectations demonstrating a flawless play. It’s difficult to be an analyst when looking at Liverpool’s game.

They just execute everything too well. They seldom leave opponents to counter-attack or if they do they have already built a solid defense in the back with the midfielders seemingly moving back at not too worried a pace.

It’s this infuriating calm with which Liverpool overcome friend and foe, competing in an amicable game with a fellow team or just going outright for the neck against opponent. Liverpool are naturally also growing quite bold and determined in their abilities as a team.

“We have shown we’re tough to beat and not only that, we’re tough to score past. Not many teams come here and can score past us,” said Trent Alexander-Arnold. And he is right. Liverpool excels in both defense and offence.

They are capable of overcoming solid defenses while knowing full well that their backs are capable of handling any surprise attack coming their way. This is good.

It leaves attackers time to remain solely focused on overcoming the enemy. Many footballers facing Liverpool always show concern about whether they have covered enough in terms of defense and this is visible – attackers cannot quite mount a full-scale attack.

It’s never going to be easy to play against Liverpool, and that’s why Arsenal should focus on its attack and decide once and for all that its defenses will hold strong.