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Liverpool 3 – Southampton 0 – Hopes Dashed

Liverpool has carried on with yet another victory.

Liverpool 3 – Southampton 0 – Hopes Dashed

Liverpool has carried on with yet another victory. There’s certainly nothing surprising there. We would have been surprised if we had seen the team falter and give Southampton a fighting chance. Southampton ought to be disappointed just as well although they did anticipate something similar happening with them.

A Look at the Match


The kick off was quite enthusiastic and both teams launched an assault at each other. It wasn’t until the 10’ minute when a panicky Wesle Hoedt decided to open the score in Liverpool’s favor by scoring in Southampton’s own goal. It was humorous and definitely embarrassing, but it’s what usually happens when you are under a lot of pressure against an enemy that is clearly better cut for this game than you are.

But Liverpool couldn’t just leave Southampton scoring, so it was later in the 21’ minute when Joel Matip charged the goal and scored another point bringing the total score to a quick dispiriting 2-0. The game continued with a relative to-and-fro although Liverpool were met with no opposition when they launched their attacks.

Conversely, Southampton faltered and couldn’t quite find their pace against the better-trained Liverpool. A yellow card was issued for Oriol Romeu from Southampton later down the road. Prior to retiring, Liverpool decided to score in the extension, hitting Southampton’s goal again 3 minutes past the 45’ minute mark.

With Liverpool leading firmly in the competition it’s in fact quite understandable why the team didn’t come back raging and spoiling for points in the second. It’s has been the team’s long-running strategy.

Put quite simply, Liverpool don’t like to bun themselves out over secure games, and it’s that ability to maintain a steady way of gaming that usually yields the best results. True to their customer, Liverpool came less determined to put pressure on Southampton. In turn, Southampton managed to organize a handful of attacks of their own which were stopped by Liverpool’s defense without much struggle.

Liverpool’s Unchallenged Dominance


No other team has made it so far with such impeccable record. Liverpool haven’t struggled either. They have tackled after an opponent, soaring through the championship completely unapologetically.

Liverpool haven’t made big announcements either. They respect their opponents from whatever level they come from. It’s been quite the pleasure to watch their team carry on in the competition.

They have defeated a number of weaker teams and insofar as this goes, they have been lucky to get a better draft. However, they will be challenged by Chelsea very soon and the team needs to prepare accordingly.

With the Blues sporting quite the record themselves, the team is prepared to wobble the subtle balance of the skies and send Liverpool tumbling. However, Liverpool has just about the same idea about their upcoming clash with Chelsea. It helps that the teams won’t meet in back-to-back games, though Chelsea have had a bit longer to recuperate following a rather easy match of their own.

With just 4 days left until the match of the titans, Chelsea had an easy run against West Ham.

Wes Hammers have been buffeted by literally every participating team. Still, they ought to keep their fighting spirit going. But it’s not about West Ham. It’s about Liverpool and Chelsea.

Southampton’s loss relegates them further down the overall standing, with the team now sitting in the 14th place. This score can be improved on, but they now stand at 3 losses and 2 draws Can Southampton patch up what they have been doing recently? We are not quite sure. They better do anyway!