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Leicester vs Liverpool – What Happened?

Leicester City versus Liverpool has given us all food for rather lots of thought.

Leicester vs Liverpool – What Happened?

Leicester City versus Liverpool has given us all food for rather lots of thought. The teams met in the English Premier League just yesterday, vying for precious points and an opportunity to make a difference. Liverpool, admittedly had as much at stake as had Leicester.

Looking at the Teams

On the one hand, Leicester needed a victory, or in the very least – a draw versus the group’s champions. A draw would have been a much-appreciated outcome and one that ultimately wouldn’t have hurt the morale.

However, matters were slightly different this time around, with Leicester playing an outstanding game, though it ended in a loss. Liverpool, though, are the undisputed leaders. They have been so for rathe long. As early as the previous EPL season, Liverpool managed to establish themselves as a tough opponent – one against which teams wouldn’t want to play on a day when they were after points in the competition.

Leicester didn’t have the chance to choose, but the team’s performance was none the worse for it. With one goal scored against the leaders and conceding two in their own goal, Leicester demonstrated their mettle, proving that matters can be put on a rather equal footing.

And yet, Liverpool just reaffirmed a perfect score, unchallenged by any other team. It took the team a fair bit to develop itself in the modern-day football powerhouse it is today, but it’s been absolutely worth it.

English Premier League 

Result: Leicester City 1-2 Liverpool

Date: 01 September 2018

Venue: King Power Stadium

The achievement at the stadium shouldn’t make Liverpool too cocky, though. Still, they do have reasons enough to feel sae in their most recent exploits. With this in mind, any following challenge to their dominance will be met with gritty determination.

Taking an even more considerate look at the game, no-one can say a single bad word about the play that came from either team. Still, Leicester were clearly under a lot of pressure, especially after the first half, with a 2-0 lead for Liverpool.

Of course. Leicester’s team lacks a distinct striker on the stadium, by which I don’t mean to disrespect Rachid Gezzal who finished off the first and only point for Leicester. Still, the lack of funds seems to always show at this level of football. Fans will, of course, continue to support their favourite teams unflaggingly and without any doubt, but it’s always that in the EPL money may be the influencing factor on the end result.

When it comes to picking a team, though, unless you are a punter and love to wager on sports, then it wouldn’t be more than a matter of selecting yourself a team that you can clearly sympathise with.

In the grand scheme of things, though, it will help to be able to tell why a team is winning before you decide to support them. Of course, preferences, especially among locals is based on proximity. People who live in Bournemouth will of course endorse their local teams as would anyone else, really.

Still, the EPL offers huge following indeed, and people who are completely unrelated to the team, or country for that matter, will share the triumphs of their favourite squads. It has been a most fascinating phenomenon the world over.

Reason Enough to Cheer

The game between Leicester and Liverpool proved to be every bit as exciting as I had hope for. Of course, being a bit of an all-tie supporter for weaker teams, I have had a very difficult time stomaching the fact that, at first, Leicester were losing by two points.

After the goal in the 63”, though, it became clear that Leicester may have a chance. Conversely, Leicester managed to keep the ball more in the first half whereas the second the ball went to Liverpool most of the time.

Still, this demonstrated a new and unexpected talent in Leicester – the great defence plays. At a time when Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester United are making one mistake after another, Leicester managed to fend off a truly serious opponent and it did so without giving it a second thought.

Leicester has been a team that has been gaining momentum. Perhaps not too easily at first, but then again, not too shabbily either.