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Leicester vs Crystal Palace in EPL 17

Crystal Palace will play Leicester this Saturday.

Leicester vs Crystal Palace in EPL 17

Crystal Palace will play Leicester this Saturday. Leicester have been doing right by themselves, pulling some great plays. Crystal Palace on the other hand, have suffered more defeats, but they have faced a variety of tough opponents. It’s tough to call the outcome of the match, but at least on paper – we’d give Leicester an edge. Let’s find out what will happen together.

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Leicester and Crystal Palace – Who Will Win?


Leicester and Crystal Palace are an interesting match. Both teams have something to bring to the table in terms of skill. It’ll definitely be a game to behold and with this in mind, it would definitely be worth taking a closer look. For starters, Crystal Palace have lost more often in the past, but they had such a tough lot to handle – from Arsenal to Tottenham, to Chelsea.

The team managed to draw with Manchester United which was impressive despite the Red Devils’ rather bad shape. Still, Crystal Palace lost to Everton, but this is something that Leicester “achieved” themselves. Only, Leicester lost with a single point difference whereas Everton took a 2-point lead on Crystal Palace.

Meanwhile, Leicester has been pulling one good game after another. Bar the most recent defeat from Tottenham (2-0), the last time the team lost was back in October against Arsenal when The Gunners took a 3-1 lead and kept it well until the end of the game.

What About the Bookmakers?


The bookmakers are also confident that Leicester will win, although the odds are slim indeed. It wouldn’t be worth much to value on this game but we can assure you that it’s quite fun to watch the game yourselves. Interested in getting ahead with some great odds? First visit our live stream and live scores sections and check how your teams have been doing in the past.