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June 18 of the 2018 World Cup

It has been a great Sunday to be a football fan.

June 18 of the 2018 World Cup

It has been a great Sunday to be a football fan. The action that transpired on June 17 was much promising, with the world champions being shaken. Switzerland managed to notch up a tie with Brazil, a result that was both laudable and inspiring. Meanwhile, Germany crumbled before Mexico. Costa Rica was the primed favourite in the match versus Serbia, but the Balkans stole the victory with an overall better play and scoring when it mattered. Let’s see what June 18 of the 2018 World Cup has in store for us.

Modest Origins


Overall, it has been an exciting time for everyone. Hardly a person had expected the results we saw. Yes, we speculated that we would love to see the underdogs win or at least draw, but what happened yesterday was beyond most analysts’ guess. Although an inkling was present all the time throughout the competition.

Well, it’s the month of football and the games don’t stop just because we have had a few unexpected turns of events. It’s Monday, June 18 of the 2018 World Cup, and we are beating on towards the next round of competition.

South Korea vs Sweden


South Korea started its march for a spot in the 2018 World Cup after a draw with Russia in Brazil, stating its intents to be joining football’s most prominent competition of nations. The South Koreans may have never been big names in football, but they have true to themselves and persisted.

Their commitment has been quite laudable to speak the truth. South Korea will be going up against an old enemy, which it barely knows, and vice versa. The only other time the two countries met was during the Olympics back in 1948. Sweden managed to tackle the South Koreans by scoring 12 goals in their post.

Football has gone a long way, though and a repeat of these events seems impossible. Still, the match promises to be exciting. None of these two teams is slated to make it far in the next stages of the competition. And yet, here we are – hoping. In the meanwhile, nearly 7,000 Swedish citizens will be joining the crowds at the stadium to support their team.

Belgium vs Panama


We have talked about the potential of Belgium to make it effortlessly to the next round of competition. Faced with Panama, Belgium has not yet the most challenging foe in this tournament, but Panama may manage to give it a hard time.

Belgium is primed to be one of the possible winners of the event and that’s quite reassuring. I am fairly certain that Belgium will progress towards the next stages of the competition in the very least and hopefully sweep stellar games on the way there.

Similar to Germany, Belgium had a great go at the qualifying events. Where Germany went unchallenged for 10 games, winning each and every one of those, Belgium repeated the feat, only slightly adjusting the number to 9.

Panama has not had much experience on a World Cup event but there goes hoping that the team will manage to pull itself together and progress well throughout the later stages of the competition. Their first challenge lies right underneath their very nose. Defeating Belgium would be telling for how the team will perform later. A draw might also be good.

England vs Tunisia


The match will take place on the breathtaking Volgograd arena, which is of the stature of English stadiums and perhaps even a bit more inspiring. England is bustling with players who are eager to prove their worth and mettle for the first time. England has had a somewhat shabby performance than Germany and Belgium in the run-up to the tournament itself. The country managed to win 8 of their qualifying games, but that is still a very respectable record.

And it doesn’t reassure Tunisia in the slightest about their future in the tournament. Tunisia has not had as much experience, but it will go against England as an absolute test of what they can pull.

Meanwhile, it’s worth noticing that England is in fact the only team that consists of home-based players. Quite the feat in the international football context. With most national teams, half their squads trains and lives abroad. Bravo, England.

A Final Thought


Yes, it’s Monday, and we will hve to head out for work soon, but not all is lost. You can sure manage to follow the live scores on our website or at least tune in to the streaming section to catch a quick bit of the action. If you are an eager worker, you can just as well bail on your lunch break and enjoy the second game in earnest on June 18 of the 2018 World Cup.