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Huddersfield vs Tottenham – Meeting the Big Names

Oh, Huddersfield.

Huddersfield vs Tottenham – Meeting the Big Names

Oh, Huddersfield. You chaps didn’t have an easy go at the EPL, have you? Neither have Tottenham to be fair. But with 4 victories and 2 losses, they are closer to victory than their opponents from Huddersfield.

It’s difficult to say what will happen today. On the one hand, there is a clear advantage that goes in the way of Tottenham. In terms of pure performance, Tottenham have the upper hand. This shouldn’t dispirit Huddersfield, though. They have done some great games on their own.

Then again Tottenham did win against some of the tougher teams in the competition and embarrassed a few people along the way. Tottenham is returning today with the idea of defeating Huddersfield and relegating them further down the English Premier League (EPL).

Without having to go into too much details, we know that Huddersfield have been struggling, but we also know that their game hasn’t been horrible. A few fast patches here and amendments there would have the whole thing up and running. Let’s see what the analysts think about the game!

Taking a Look at the Teams – Huddersfield vs Tottenham


Let’s begin with the footballers that Huddersfield is fielding today. The following names have been floated:

Hamer, Smith, Mbenza, Diakhaby, Mounié, Stankovic, Sabiri, Quaner, Bacuna, Schofield, Hogg, Hadergjonaj

All of these have been confirmed as players so none of the footballers will disappear from the roster all out of a sudden. Still, it’s worth noting that both Williams and Sobhi have been injured. Even then, none of Huddersfield’s footballers has been suspended.


Tottenham’s own squad doesn’t look too shabby. Not in the slightest. They have fielded a number of skilled footballers, including:

Lloris, Whiteman, Walker-Peters, Davies, Sánchez, Foyth, Wanyama, Winks, Sissoko, Lamela, Nkoudou, Llorente

Doubtful is the participation of Lloris, though and the team has a number of injured footballers, including Eriksen, Vorm, and Aurier.  The team also have Kane who has managed to be quite the top scorer over the last months.

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A Quick Final Thought

If you are into Tottenham, then today you will witness another victory for the team. This is indeed the most likely scenario. But even then, Huddersfield can turn a few heads by giving Tottenham a good run for their money. Stay tuned for more football action and don’t miss to watch the live stream as we bring it to you!