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How to Watch Manchester City vs Bournemouth

Bournemouth will play Manchester United this Saturday, October 3.

How to Watch Manchester City vs Bournemouth

Bournemouth will play Manchester United this Saturday, October 3. With the advance of the English Premier League (EPL) to the next seasons, hopes are high that Manchester United will continue to play well. Everton did prove a challenge, but Man United scored twice, settling the final outcome of the game at 2:1. A more than satisfactory result.

Manchester United vs Bournemouth


Who will win you wonder? There are many arguments to use for both sides, but the truth here is that Manchester United are in a decent shape and Bournemouth sixth in the overall standing, which is still two points ahead of Manchester.

An aspiring team that promises to pose challenge to the Red Devils, Jose Mourinho will have to pep talk his footballers in order to secure a meaningful development. It’s not always easy and neither it’s supposed to be. That’s why it’s called the EPL for starters.

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So Who Will Win?


Making forecasts such as this is always a challenge of course, but to speak the truth, we put our own expectations by Manchester United who seem to be improving their game, though they still struggle to be in a form that would guarantee them a higher ranking in the overall EPL standing.

With this in mind, there are many dangers that lurk and may potentially prove fatal to the Devils. Bournemouth are no strangers to settling scores with Manchester United, and they are coming into this game quite hopeful.

We are sure that Man United are also very much aware of this and what a potential loss could mean to Jose Mourinho. Although, to be perfectly honest with you, we’ve seen Mr. Mourinho already live through rather unfortunate developments, so Bournemouth would hardly be able to score 3 points without a retaliation. Or so we hope.

Bournemouth have all the qualities to press the attack here, and we do think that the upcoming game between the teams will be more or less a toss-up. We are not quite sure who will win, but we will be betting on Bournemouth.

Where to Watch the Game


We can provide you with a straight link to a perfect place to watch online. It takes just a few clicks to have everything set-up and now you can already enjoy the greatness of the game. If you are out with your chums on Saturday, but haven’t gone to a pub where you can wash down a beverage and watch the game on a TV screen, that’s quite alright.

You can push yourself through that by watching on your mobile phone or tablet, or whatever portable device you have on your hands. With minimum data packages used and excellent quality of the picture, you can always follow the game and not really have to go through all the trouble of rushing back home to know what’s happening.

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