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How to Watch Chelsea vs Burnley

After a tepid Saturday, the Sunday promises to be excellent for the fans of the English Premier League (EPL).

How to Watch Chelsea vs Burnley

After a tepid Saturday, the Sunday promises to be excellent for the fans of the English Premier League (EPL). There is quite a bit to be thankful about and it’s downright easy to really get your hands on new and exciting matches to watch. Sunday will bring us four of those, but we want to draw your attention to Chelsea and Burnley.

Chelsea Meets Burnley – Behold

The game here appears to be positive one-sided indeed. We needn’t talk much about why Chelsea appear to be a better-poised opponent that is quite capable of delivering solid final action. And true, the Blues know how to close a game at a quick jog, so that nothing else seems to matter much if at all.

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Burnley are definitely looking at a challenge, but they shouldn’t despair We can think of at least couple of reasons which may give Burnley reason to be both realistic, but also confident about their own game in the upcoming fray:

For starters, Chelsea respect their play. Secondly, West Ham finished draw with Chelsea. And lastly, Burnley can do defense well

And naturally, there are plenty of reasons for concern. Burnley is hardly the unstoppable force anyone would expect them to be. They are continually struggling to break in the top 10 teams of the EPL, but so are West Ham, and that didn’t stop them from establishing a draw with Chelsea.

Betting on the Odds?

Naturally, Chelsea have been favoured greatly. If you bet on Burnley with £5 and win, you will end up winning over £500 with certain operators, and that’s actually a scenario well worth considering in the grand scheme of things.

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Penning Out Differently

It’s worth considering the implications of the game. If Chelsea win, they will definitely consolidate their positions in the EPL, which is a huge plus for the team. Burnley, on the other hand will definitely want to respond in kind, making sure that they assume control over the game.

But there’s little to indicate that this is actually possible. For what it’s worth, we had huge hopes for Cardiff City, too, and they did manage to score one point against Liverpool, but Liverpool just outplayed them to the point they ended with 3 points ahead in the total score.

It’s another big test for us. It was a tough one at Manchester City last week, we know that, but bouncing back from that and back at Turf Moor this is a huge game for us.

The team seems to have done well analyzing its own chances against Chelsea, though. And the team is definitely pretty decided to make sure that Chelsea have a good run for their money.

Meeting Chelsea

Lastly, it’s rather certain that Chelsea will come out victorious in the end, but there is still hoping that Burnley can find their feet in the upcoming match. However, to find out what will happen next, we need to watch the game in several hours. Good luck to both teams, though.