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How to Spot a Winner in the Upcoming English Premier League?

Let’s face it.

How to Spot a Winner in the Upcoming English Premier League?

Let’s face it. We all want to know who will win the EPL. Don’t you? Well, we do. In thinking how to elaborate the most reliable model ever known to man, we have decided to give ourselves a list of checks to perform. Did they work? Well! We only have one way of finding out, don’t we?

Here comes what we hold to be the most reliable way for anyone to determine the winners of EPL results. No, we won’t give you names, but rather – a complete roadmap how to find those for yourselves, and we do believe that this matters big time.

1. Comparing Results in the Pre-Season Derby


Looking at the preseason is a powerful ally. You may Ask yourselves why? It’s the earliest possible & reliable indicator of what is to follow further in the competition itself. So, do look hard at what the teams you are rooting for have been doing.

Let’s take Manchester United – their preseason is dreadful, but we all know that it’s not easy to just snub the Red Devils and rid yourself of them. All in all, many are still counting on them against Leicester, but a few analysts are wagering on the opponents.

2. Check the Exact Outcomes of the Games in the Past


When you see two teams playing, your instinctive response should be – where do I find information about previous matches? Google is your best bet, albeit you are bound to find old results here on Big World Sports as well.

Ponder carefully what previous matches have been like, and ask yourself if the trend is likely to continue? Then again, going back to the case of Man United, we can spot that the team is rather weakened, so, if you consider Leicester to be in a better form, then you can back them instead.

Unless you are a sworn Red Devil yourself that is.

3. Are There Problems Within the Team?


This may sound as empty advice, but it’s not. Did you know that Chelsea’s known goalie Courtois simply doesn’t want to play in the EPL any longer? He is making a push to transfer to Real Madrid, but he has been politely and yet firmly declined.

Mr. Courtois cites family reasons for his desire to relocate and play in Real Madrid, but Chelsea is also right to deny him especially now that the EPL is on and there is simply no-one to replace him. It’s dangerous to expect Mr. Courtois not to play at his best, but the professional he is I am sure he will keep his side up.

And yet, such internal strife could be an indicator that something unsavoury is afoot and that you need to carefully fine-tune your betting options, if you are a gambler.

4. Check What Bookmakers Think


A pretty practical way is to check the bookmakers. They will always try to guess who’s got the most chances of winning a game and you can trust them because they simply don’t want to lose a single bet. With this in mind, shopping around the known bookmakers will be one of the main things that you can do in order to make sure that you are well aware of the latest developments.

5. Any Last-minute Subs


It may sound rather silly to rely on this, but the long and short of it is that some players may need an early sub. If they do, or if they are a no-show for the match, this will definitely sway the fortunes in favor of another team. Or it is perhaps the sort of event that has a significant impact on the game up to the point where you will need to consider your options a bit more carefully.

This is our short guide of the five top ways to spot a winner. We recommend that you go through our whole coverage of the English Premier League and check out what we have prepared for you! From fun facts to an overview of the first match!