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Group H of the World Cup: Poland meets Colombia

And so, yesterday’s Group G has concluded.

Group H of the World Cup: Poland meets Colombia

And so, yesterday’s Group G has concluded. We say the primed underdog Belgium deliver 5 goals in the goal of Tunisia. Tunisia did not perform all that bad, though, scoring twice against the Belgians. Group H of the World Cup continues today, and we will quickly jump to this, but first – let’s see what happened yesterday.

The game between Belgium and Tunisia deserved admiration for a number of reasons. Belgium has proven itself as the ultimate team that is capable to establish its dominance. Despite the slimmer odds of Tunisia, their national squad played with much spirit and did not give up in the face of defeat.

More surprising was the game between Mexico and South Korea. Mexico managed two quick goals and was well ahead. South Koreans, mild and polite as they normally are, were quite rude throughout the competition, continuously breaking the established sportsmanship.

And so Mexico managed to score twice against South Korea, who retaliated in the final minutes and pushed forth for another goal, but to no avail.

Next was the game between Germany and Sweden. We have always held the football prowess of Germany, but they have been less than a leader during this World Cup. With cold politeness, they have been quite rude towards their opponents. Something that was confirmed when Jerome Boateng was evicted from the game for attempting to tackle a Swedish player.

Well, let’s focus on Group H of the World Cup today!

England vs Panama

Panama stands a decent chance of tackling England. The match is taking place in less than 6 hours, and as the clock ticks towards the football derby, we are quite excited to forward our guesses about the game itself. The official coverage has been most intriguing as well.

In England, many people will be looking up to Gareth Southgate whose performance has been crucial to securing England’s place in the 2018 World Cup. The match day is upon us and England definitely has much to be excited about.

And so does Panama, as a matter of fact. The team seems to be a well-balanced squad, albeit going up against England may have a bit of a disheartening effect and one that is definitely not very reassuring, to begin with. But we believe that Panama stands a fair chance of winning.

Japan vs Senegal

Japan will be playing vs Senegal and it will be exciting to see what will happen next. A victory will go a long way to secure qualification in the next round of the competition, and we can expect the teams to be competing for the chance to get in on the next stage.

Japan seems to be rather more taciturn in its play and more willing to concede the ball, albeit the footballers are truly disciplined. Meanwhile, Senegal has a strong offensive that is able to overcome long distances in short bursts of action. With this in mind, Japan will have trouble staving off the opponents from its goal post for too long.

Senegal’s charm offensive may lead to the downfall of Japan, but let’s see how this pans out in the end.

Poland vs Colombia

Poland vs Colombia is the next most-anticipated match that will definitely go a long way for both teams. Poland lost rather surprisingly from Senegal, which is quite telling that Japan may be facing a hard opponent.

It’s really difficult to believe that Poland managed to perform rather poorly against Senegal, though. The team was really doing well for the most part, but breaches in their defences led to a quick defeat. And yet, Poland has the pride and qualities to forge ahead against Colombia.

Colombia for their part seems to be in a poor condition, which may secure Poland the much-coveted leg-up they need to get back into the game. However, a defeat for either team will almost certainly signify a way out of the competition.

The Coming Football Fray

As is our custom, we will always root for the weaker teams. We have a personal shine for Poland, so we hope that they will manage to pull themselves together and earn the much-needed points against Colombia. We would be equally thrilled if Colombia managed to make a comeback, too, though.

Group H of the World Cup seems to be quite the challenging group to be in. After the dust has settled following the big plays from Germany and Mexico, it’s time to watch some more quality football. The derby kicks off in less than five hours, so we will be waiting for you to tune in and check live scores regularly!