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Group H, 2018 World Cup

2018 World Cup Group H will be taking place today, 19 June.

Group H, 2018 World Cup

2018 World Cup Group H will be taking place today, 19 June. It looks like a promising endeavour and one we will follow with the utmost interest. What are today’s matches that merit our attention? Well, Russia is returning to the pitch and the hosts will be facing off Egypt.

Remember how I preferred the potential victory of Saudi Arabia and how awfully wrong I was? Well! I wouldn’t want to make any assumptions about the Russia-Egypt game although it looks to me that Russia may be tipped to win another game. But what happens next would be up to the footballers and I will just focus on outlining the games such as they are.

Colombia vs Japan


It’s been quite the competition up until now. Group H again pits Asian teams up against South American teams. Now, If we trust statistics, we will quickly see that no Asian team has defeated a South American team in 17 years, and that’s rather unnerving.

It certainly doesn’t augur well for Japan who will be going versus Colombia. More specifically, the pair has already gone head-to-head, with Colombia defeating Japan at the last World Cup with 4 to 1.

Meanwhile, preparations have been going at full bore at the Mordovia Arena that is slated to host the game and see the old enemies reunite for an attempt to set the record straight. Japan has definitely not had much of a performance during the world cup. The team has been losing the group stages in its entire football history.

Poland vs Senegal

Perhaps Group H will not bring us the most spectator-worthy games, but Poland is definitely a team that is worthy of attention. Its footballers are young and adept. Come what may, the chances of Poland making it to the next stage are pretty solid and it would be interesting to whip up the old football rivalry between the Poles and Russia.

However, at this point, it would be Senegal playing against Poland. It’s worth noting that Poland has outdone themselves qualifying for the current match. They have qualified with their best margin yet for the World Cup, and that’s certainly indicatory of the form they are currently in.

Poland has Fabiański who is the only player who has any experience in a final match. Poland has another noteworthy goal scorer, Szczesny and both command a fair number of fans who plump heavily for their country and the pair.

Russia vs Egypt

Group H will see the hosts play once again versus Egypt. Admittedly, Russia had a brilliant start of the tournament, completely overwhelming Saudi Arabia in their first game with 5-0. While most people supported Russia and saw little chance of the Saudis actually progressing, your contributor was bandying words about how the Saudis may, in fact, make it farther out in the competition.

Russia skilfully dashed those hopes and what’s left is the bitter reality. For better or for worse, however, the next game promises to be completely bonkers. Russia has Aleksandr Golovin who’s shaping up as a starter for his home country.

While Egypt doesn’t stand much of a chance of defeating Russia, a draw is very plausible. Egypt is a team that cannot be dismissed outright. The team is younger and they have been playing together for a while now.

Of course, the relative lack of security back home does take a toll on its players, but Egypt had a good run at entering the competition on its own and it doesn’t owe its success to any particular turn of events bar its own football mettle.

The Closing Thought

It’s Tuesday 19 and Group H is about to begin in several hours! It’s going to be an exciting day of football and we definitely have nothing to be complaining about. With a bit of extra football action everything will come into its right place.

The chances of the World Cup turning even more exciting are quite well. And if you fancy betting on the competition’s exact results, you will be happy to know that your writer is currently standing second in the rank list at work where we had a makeshift betting game. The week’s prize is, of course, 3 hours off any shift, so the winner can go and watch the games home live. A sweet victory and one I will be sharing with you in our next write-ups.