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Group G, 2018 World Cup Today

We are back with Group G of the 2018 World Cup.

Group G, 2018 World Cup Today

We are back with Group G of the 2018 World Cup. It promises to be an exciting competition through and through. Looking at the teams participating today, it’s definitely going to be a highly-contested football action, and we are quite excited about not missing any of that!

Before we plunge ahead with Group G, let’s recap what happened yesterday, June 22. So Switzerland went up against Serbia and managed to score twice, leaving the Serbians walking away with just one goal in the enemy’s post. It’s been a most surprising comeback for Switzerland who had been losing until the second half.

Serbia managed to score in Switzerland’s goal in the fifth minute and maintained its advantage well until the end of the first half. The team was still leading when it retired for the break. However, the return of Switzerland on the field brought woe to the Serbian team who managed to omit two points in their door.

Switzerland, however, has managed to confirm their excellent football stance as they have only lost one game in their past 23 meet-ups.

Today, we will witness more football action in Group G of the 2018 World Cup. Let’s take a closer look at what’s coming.

Belgium vs Tunisia

Tunisia doesn’t have much chance to manage a victory over the underdog Belgium. Belgium’s stellar plays in the past year have put them as one of the floated names in the quarterfinals. Of course, this is mostly a matter of bookmakers and analysts trying to gauge who the most likely underdog will be. It’s often not easy to tell. Belgium will be heading for a rather easy match today. Not that Tunisia lacks qualities.

The team has shown spirit and managed to qualify itself in the World Cup and that’s no small feat. However, the footballers will have to pull their weight and straighten their faltering pace if they care enough to make a sufficient splash.

Germany vs Sweden

Germany conceded defeat to Mexico. As one of the best world teams, it was surprising that Germany will lose its first game. It was truly surprising indeed and nobody could have known better. Of course, we all suspected that Mexico’s quick pace of play may catch Germany unawares, which is quite understandable.

However, Germany is going up against Sweden and chances are that they have completely calibrated their play, which will mean that Sweden will have to put a much greater fight than they’d normally. Germany is definitely a country to reckon with and not one that anyone wants to play up against in their second World Cup match.

South Korea vs Mexico

Without being prejudiced, we think that Mexico will have a field day going up against South Korea. There are many criteria that point to that and we are not so eager to start playing the blaming game and point finger. Even then South Korea seems to be a rather modest team. They have qualities, but they lack opportunities to show them.

Being thrown in versus opponents as challenging as Mexico will not help boost the team’s courage. However, a draw or a success may serve as the basis of South Korea’s future success. How likely is this to happen though? We are not so sure, but we will be thrilled to follow the whole game live!

Our Final Thoughts

Group G is definitely an interesting part of the whole competition. The leaders are clear with Germany and now Mexico to the forefront. Belgium have very strong chances to qualify as well which makes it a challenge for everyone. When it comes to that, you will do well to pick your favourite and root, unless it’s your country playing.

We will again support the teams that are rather less likely to win. It’s our soft spot. We would want to see South Korea, Sweden, and Tunisia make history. And failing that, we will share our two pence on why the teams fell short of that hallowed goal. Stay tuned for more football action!