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Group E plays today, what we think

Yesterday, we saw teams from Group C in the 2018 World Cup championship play.

Group E plays today, what we think

Yesterday, we saw teams from Group C in the 2018 World Cup championship play. Perhaps the biggest surprise there was the feat pulled by the team of Croatia. We’ve always known that the qualities of Croatia in football are quite outstanding. For starters, the team never lost the second game in a World Cup championship. The drubbing of Argentina was no different. Soon, we will see Group E, but until then, let’s recap.

Croatia managed to win with 3 goals vs 0 for Argentina and this must have been the most exciting match we have seen after the clash between Spain and Portugal which wowed the audiences with a 3-3 draw in the end. Of course, Croatia established itself as the dominant team, leaving no chance for its opponents.

It has indeed been a highly-rewarding football spectacle. One that we enjoyed immensely, too. Let’s go back to Group E then and see what games are on the cards for today’s victory.

Brazil vs Costa Rica


These two teams definitely share a lot across their playstyles. It would be hard to deny their qualities as well. Brazil had a somewhat dithering start at the onset of the competition, managing a draw with Switzerland, even though the bookmakers were citing Brazil as the undisputed winner.

Still, the Brazilians gave up under the steady pressure applied by the Swiss and eventually the game finished a draw. Now Brazil is going up against Costa Rica. Costa Rica is said to be a slightly less prepared team which may allow Brazil to score a quick victory and bag points so that it can progress to the next stage.

However, observers also talk about the apparent similarities in the playstyles of the two teams. If Costa Rica is facing Brazil, it will be, to an extent, seeing its own stratagem replicated on the field. Even then Brazil likes to keep secrecy about how it fields its players, and it often mixes them up. In any event, we are less than 6 hours away from the first whistle in this game.

Nigeria vs Iceland


Iceland has made a strong appearance in the World Cup managing to draw with Argentina. The team did show great qualities. Admittedly, they had not had as many opportunities playing at the highest level of competition, but Icelanders have been playing with the same team for a good while now.

Meanwhile, Nigeria also seems like a team that would put up a good fight, but even then we ought to admit they have not been as cohesive. Even then, the team may manage to score up against the Vikings’ defence.

It’s quite the challenge to reach the Nordic goal post, let alone score a point in it. It will be a challenge well worth beholding and one we will appreciate witnessing in full.

What do we expect the final score to be? We will say that Iceland will score 1 point as opposed to 0 for Nigeria.

Serbia vs Switzerland


We, in fact, like both teams. Serbia and Switzerland are both great teams, with the clear advantage to the Swiss squad of course. Serbia re stellar players who know how to perform on the highest level of football, but even then, they often manage to falter somewhere along the way.

Despite everything, we slightly favor Serbia in the upcoming football derby. Not so much because the team is stronger or has been performing better than Switzerlad. Quite the opposite in fact. However, we cannot help but appreciate the potential and enthusiasm of Serbia and as such we want to show support.

Meanwhile, Switzerland can definitely benefit from another victory that will get the country closer to the final 8 teams to compete in the next stage. We will definitely be keeping an eye on how things progress from here on.

We wish Serbia good luck up against Switzerland. Then again, if Switzerland manages a victory tonight, that will be a well-deserved game that is worthy of admiration. The football action that will follow today can be watched and followed on our own website.

What follows next is anyone’s guess. We think Switzerland will win with 2 goals and Serbia will score just once. But that remains to be seen.