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Group E and Group F Play Today June 27

Good morning, you lot.

Group E and Group F Play Today June 27

Good morning, you lot. We are diving right into Group F and Group E of the hallowed 2018 World Cup, which will put some real heavyweights against one another. Of course, some of the teams are basically out the door and they only play formally. However, there will be some real competition, allowing national squads to change their fortunes in the race.

Group E – The Heavyweights

Group E will open today with some brilliant games. We will get to see Mexico play Sweden and Germany going up against South Korea. Now, we are sure that you probably know that South Korea is as good as gone from the 2018 World Cup. Their team fared rather poorly throughout the competition, but if there’s one particular thing that ruffled my feathers was the relative impertinence SK footballers have demonstrated.

Anywho, my personal preferences aside, today’s football derby between Mexico and Sweden promises to be intense, but Mexico still has a very palpable edge. With this in mind, it would be difficult to see Sweden triumph over the group’s leader. And then again, there are still reasons to be hopeful.

Germany, another established behemoth has the same record as does Sweden. However, Germany is only going to play South Korea whereas Sweden has to do something about Mexico. I would say that the team’s chances are rather slim. Then again, Morocco and Iran managed to achieve a draw against Portugal and Spain. And Iran even fended off a penalty shot from Cristiano Ronaldo, which is quite the achievement!

Now, Sweden needs to go up against Mexico and test its mettle. Hopefully, the team will do well in carrying out this task.

Group E – An Intense Fight

If you have had even a moment’s doubt that this is one of the spectacular groups to watch, forget about it. It’s truly one of the most intense competitions we have seen. Brazil and Costa Rica played brilliantly in the past showing undefeatable class in their match against one another.

Switzerland is not to be underestimated either with its track record it will go up against Costa Rica having just defeated Serbia. And speaking of Serbia, the country now will have a chance to play Brazil – the indomitable world champion. We have said this before – Serbia has the footballers to enact spectacular plays but lacks the training and opportunities to do so.

At this point it seems inevitable that Brazil and Switzerland will be the two teams to forge ahead, leaving Costa Rica and Serbia behind. Our admiration goes to Costa Rica’s outstanding goalkeeper.

We still believe that the Serbians will stand a fair chance to at least put up a decent fight. And let’s face it, Brazil has on occasion fared poorly. Take, for example, the last edition of the World Cup games.

Meanwhile, if you are the betting type of reader, then you should take a brief look at the moneyline odds we have prepared for you:

Group A

Russia -160

Uruguay +135


Group B

Spain -160

Portugal +150

Iran +2500


Group C

France -500

Denmark +350


Group D

Croatia -20000

Nigeria +3300


Group E

Brazil -300

Switzerland +275

Serbia +1400


Group F

Mexico -275

Germany +350

Sweden +500


Group G

England -150

Belgium +115


Group H

Japan +135

Colombia +185

Senegal +225

If you are keen on betting on football, that is just as well. You will have plenty of opportunities with some of the online bookmakers. I have participated in several mock-bookies at work where we have an in-house competition who will get most matches right. Without the intention to boast, I am quite happy to say that I am second in a rank list of 25 employees. Not too shabby.

Today I am placing another bet and it has Germany winning over South Korea with 2-0 and Sweden scoring 1 – 2 against Mexico. Brazil, I take it will score 3-0 against Serbia and finally I am rooting for Costa Rica against Switzerland with 3-2, which is a stretch and I wouldn’t recommend to place the same bet as I have.

My preferences for Costa Rica are quite evident and therefore misleading. I will be quite happy to come back and report on the outcome of the matches tomorrow.